Target: Capri Sun 100% Juice $2.17

This is certainly not the best price on Capri Sun BUT it is a good price for the 100% juice specifically. I seem to find these boxes priced at $3.50 most of time and they rarely seem to go on sale.

I did notice that Target has them marked at $2.50 this week which is already a decent price to me.  There is also a $1 off 3 Capri Sun coupon available*.

So your final price is $2.17 per box.  Again, this is not the best deal for Capri Sun but that is a good price for the 100% juice.

See more Target deals for the week here.

*Capri Sun coupon- you need to like them on Facebook and click the Elecciones tab on the left.  Push the green button that says “Cuentanos” and answer if you go all out for birthday parties or keep things intimate. 

Click enviar and you should get a coupon link.  The coupon prints in both Spanish and English and you should be able to get 2 copies.

I would print that coupon as soon as you can, they never last very long.


  1. Kathleen says

    Safeway has them on sale buy 4 save $4.00 instantly use the $1.00/3 it makes them .66 each when you buy 4

  2. Charlene says

    Kathleen, I posted that yesterday. Also as I mentioned in the post- I think people are confusing products. Safeway has Capri Sun on sale for .99 they do not have Capri Sun 100% juice on sale. That is a higher quality product and it is priced at $3.49 at Safeway right now.

  3. Janey says

    I just tried to print the coupon and got this message:

    “Discúlpanos, no hay más cupones este mes, pero miles más estarán disponibles el mes que viene. ¡Regresa pronto!”

    Which translates to:

    “Excuse us, no more coupons this month, but thousands more will be available next month.Come back soon!”

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