Starburst Coupon (Free at CVS)

Here is a coupon you will probably want to grab while you can.

Get a Starburst coupon for Buy One Pack, Get One Free at CVS stores.

Starting October 23rd, CVS has Starburst Candy priced at $2 for 4.
Use (2) Starburst Coupons (takes off .50 per pack)
Pay $1 and get $1 in ECB back (limit 1)

So you get 4 packs for free with coupons.

The week of the 23rd, we will also see a Pumpkin Carving kit free after ECB as well as CVS Brand Candy Corn.

See the CVS deals for this week here.


  1. Darla says

    I must be doing something wrong I watch the video but then when I click on coupon it does nothing.

  2. Jennifer says

    One the coupon it states “limit one coupon per purchase.” Will they allow 2 coupons per transaction if you are ‘buying’ 4?

  3. Kelly says

    My coupon says “stick” with a max value of $1.19, but the 2/$4 makes me think bag size. Do they really match? Maybe I printed the wrong one? I’m confused.

  4. Charlene says

    Kelly it is a single serve Starbucks candy not an entire bag. The price is actually $2 for 4– not $4 for 2.

  5. Kelly says

    OK thank you. I knew I was reading something something wrong and just couldn’t figure it out.

  6. Cindy says

    I don’t even see an option to print a coupon, even after watching the video?

  7. Amy says

    I can’t find the coupon (and yes, my pop-up blocker is off). Is it gone or am I just missing it?

  8. Irene says

    Coupons are out??? How can that be if the sales started today???
    Just wrong.

  9. Charlene says

    Irene- with really hot coupons it is always best to print them when they come out because the coupon may not be available once the sale starts. I actually posted this coupon twice, giving several days notice and alerting people to the upcoming sale. The manufacturers don’t release coupons just in time for a really good sale. They usually release them when the prices are inflated and it is our job to match them with a sale.


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