Recyclebank: Free Magazine Subscriptions

Have you been accumulating points on Recyclebank and wondering what to do with them?  Well, in addition to trading your points for gift cards or coupons, you can choose to trade them in for magazine subscriptions!

Here is a list of magazines you can choose from right now:

  • Better Homes and Gardens – 115 points
  • Everyday Food – 115 points
  • Good Housekeeping – 115 points
  • Harper’s Bazaar – 115 points
  • Marie Claire – 115 points
  • Midwest Living – 115 points
  • Parents Magazine – 115 points
  • Popular Mechanics – 115 points
  • Redbook – 115 points
  • Seventeen – 115 points
  • Siempre Mujer – 115 points
  • Town and Country – 115 points
  • Whole Living – 115 points
  • Martha Stewart Weddings – 180 points
  • Martha Stewart Living – 230 points

These are all one year subscriptions.  There is not a whole lot of detail on redemption.  Some say they will be mailed and others say they are redeemed on a partner’s website.  For the latter, I would imagine that Recyclebank will send you a redemption/promo code and instructions via email to redeem your subscription.

And finally, there is one additional offer for 100 points.  This offer will get you 4 year-long magazine subscriptions for $2 each.  There are over 25 titles to choose from including Backpacker, Parenting Early Years, Rolling Stone and Weight Watchers magazines!

If you are new to Recyclebank you can find out more information here.


  1. says

    These are really fast to order, just put it in your cart, and fill out your mailing info on Recyclebank. My Martha Stewart Living Magazine showed up 2 weeks after I ordered.

  2. Ashley says

    This isn’t about recyclebank, but if you are interested in a Better Homes and Garden magazine subscription, I noticed on an Arm and Hammer baking soda box that if you buy 2 baking sodas, you get a free BH&G subscription if you fill out the form on the box.

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