National Taco Day 2011

Well I am sure everyone already has this on the calendar but just in case tomorrow (10/4) is National Taco day.

There are some coupons and freebies available for the holiday:

Taco John’s Coupon: Get a free taco with coupon. Find Taco John’s locations here.

Taco Bueno Coupon:  It looks like they are offering a free taco coupon to Facebook fans only.  You might want to like them right away to be sure you get the coupon.  Find a Taco Bueno location here.

Chevy’s Coupon: Chevy’s will be offering a free taco coupon on the website and Facebook page sometime tomorrow.

Taco Cabana Coupon: Get a free chicken fajita taco from 5-8pm. The limit is one per person.  Find a Taco Cabana location near you here.

Does anyone know of any other promotions?

With promotions like this there can be certain locations that refuse to honor the coupons.  It is always best to call ahead and confirm just in case.

(Thanks Penny Pinchin Mom!)



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