Farmer John Sausage Coupon: $3 off! (CA, NV, HI, AZ)

There is another hot coupon today and these coupons do not last very long so do not wait to print it.

If you live in Hawaii, AZ, CA or NV you should be able to find Farmer John products at Walmart and Safeway/Vons or my Target has a few items. There is a Farmer John coupon available for $3 off the smoked sausage. This should be free with coupon at Walmart stores so grab it while you can!

If that link doesn’t work for you, just start at Facebook and you should be able to get it.


  1. Melissa Bennett says

    I’ve never been able to print coupons from Smart Source. I get the following message: Your access to print from this site has been disabled. Please contact to enable it. You must mention code 127589687 in your email. I’ve emailed as suggested and they never respond. Does anyone else have this problem? I can print from any other site and this is aggravating.

  2. Erin says

    Melissa, I had a lot of problems when I first installed the coupon printers. Chrome and coupon printers (with the exception of Target) don’t seem to play nice together. I finally got it to work in Safari, and after a few unistall/reinstalls everything has been fine for months now.

  3. donna luna says

    printed the coupon for farmer john, just to see that it expired on mon :(

  4. Charlene says

    Really Donna? I just went to print it and mine printed as November 17th so a month to use it which is standard.

  5. Melissa Bennett says

    It doesn’t work on Firefox or IE. I’ll try Safari and see if that fixes it. thanks!

  6. autum says

    I use Firefox no problem printing. You might have to update your Java or uninstall and reinstall Firefox and/or delete your older Java.

  7. Tatyana says

    Where can you find these sausages? I can’t find them at any store :( I looked at Walmart, Target, Savemart and don’t see them anywhere. May be I’m looking at wrong section…

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