Disney Movie Rewards: $20 Disney Gift Card (750 pts)

This offer has sold out.  I will keep you posted if I see it come back around!


Well it is time to go on a treasure hunt through the house and see if you can dig up any Disney movies. If you find them, open up the case and see if you spot a Disney Movie Rewards code.

Then you want to create a Disney Movie Rewards account- you probably have one already- and enter those codes.

If you can get 750 points total- well hurry up and request a $20 Disney gift card to use in the parks, in the retail stores or online!

I haven’t done anything with this program for ages and I had over 1500 points in my account. Some of you that have been hanging out with me for awhile might have plenty of points already.

I am guessing this will sell out quickly because it is an exceptional deal!  There is a limit of one per account.

If you are close to getting the 750- here are some ideas:

HSIU87FJ457 (5 pts)

Complete several very short surveys here (175 pts)

If you are brand new to Disney Movie Rewards, I believe code: SPARROW works for 25 points.

(Thanks Northshore Mom)


  1. Janey says

    YAY! I have over 2800 points that I’ve been waiting to redeem so this is perfect! Hopefully it arrives before Christmas and I can use it for gifts. Just wish it was more than 1 per account. :(

  2. Charlene says

    I know me too! I have never ever redeemed these points so maybe I need to pay more attention 😉

  3. Marina says

    Thank you so much for letting me know about this deal. I had 840 points sitting there and I didn’t know what I will ever do with them. Now I have the gift card. I net my daughter will be happy to get goofy and pluto to her collection

  4. Joy says

    I have tons of Disney movies. Do they have to be new movies, or can they be old movies? Where do I find the codes…how many #’s are there?

  5. Amanda says

    I think the gifts are much better than I have ever seen and I check every now and then. There is also $7 movie money for 300 points. Seems like a good deal to me.

  6. Jessica says

    Has anyone ever participated in the movie club that Disney offers? They always advertise/promote “Buy 5 for $5″, whats the catch? We get stuff in the mail all the time, but I always just toss it.

  7. andrea says

    Thank you!!! I too have been saving up for somthing good had 2500 points, wish we could use more than one but hey thats $20.00 to use for Christmas gifts :)

  8. Eryka Workman says

    Thank you so much. I just got mine. So excited because I saw a costume I wanted to get my beautiful daughter.

  9. Charlene says

    Joy open the case and inside is a sheet of paper that says Disney Movie Magic and there is a white box with a code in the center that says enter this at Disney Movie Rewards.com. 😉 Can’t miss it.

  10. Kindra says

    Thanks I didn’t have an account, but i had 47 Disney movies laying around the house. Too bad I can only get one per account. But I can use the rewards on other stuff too.

  11. stephanie says

    thanks so much, I had 745 points so with the 5pt code you posted was able to get it, thanks again

  12. Courtney J says

    Thanks Charlene! Bought mine tonight with my points! We’re heading to Disneyland in a few weeks so I hope it arrives by then even though it says “may take 6-8 weeks to arrive” . . .

  13. Jessica says

    Yahoo! I haven’t redeemed any points since I signed up for the program. While I do have some unentered codes, almost all my codes were freebie codes. Anyway, I had like 1700pts, so I got it! Now to tell my sister! :) Thanks so much for posting this, Charlene!

  14. sandy says

    this is the best reward in the program! glad i saved my points up!
    thanks for the post!!!

  15. Lacey says

    Thanks i got mine last night. I too have been collecting points for a while and don’t really know what to do with them. I just recently started finding stuff to redeem them for. I got my son a pirates of the carribien skateboard for his birthday for free, got some movie money to go see lion king 3D which earned me more points for sending in my movie stubs and now this. I had over 2000, but now I’m down to 40. I guess it’s time to start collected again.

  16. Karen says

    Thanks Charlene! I just ordered mine last nite, have been saving my points for something good. Headed to disney in few weeks hoping it comes early. Thanks again

  17. Carrie says

    I’ve been holding on to my points in hopes of something good coming up and this was it. Thanks for posting.

  18. Kati says

    Great deal! Should be here before christmas can use it on a few gifts! Says its redeemable online and instores so looks like we’ll make a trip to Mall of America when it arrives!
    ***Jessica*** The movie club is a joke dont waste ur time! u get 5 movies at firts but then have to buy 5 more within 12-18months at 20$ each. They send u a movie (or pack of movies) every month and even when u cancel their so called “Directors selection” they still usually send them and ur stuck returning them to sender or paying shipping if you open them.

  19. Mel says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Perfect timing. My son just requested an item from disneystore.com and I wasn’t going to get if for him b/c I felt it was overpriced, but this is just perfect. It should cover the price of the time and I can cover the shipping! Thanks so much!

  20. erika says

    @ Kindra your allowed to have more than 1 account per household, so if you haven’t entered them all you can split them up.

    @ Everyone,you can click the connect the “connect to facebook icon” for another 25 points.

  21. Audrey says

    Thanks so much – heading to Disneyland in April and this will help!

  22. Janel says

    i just got an email from Disney Movie Rewards that had a Trick or Treat bonus of 50 points, you just follow the clues from the email and find the hidden codes on their website ( it only took about 5 minutes) and enter them for the bonus points. Another way to help get to 750 points!!

  23. Charlene says

    Janel- I saw there are a bunch of codes but I won’t post until tomorrow. It looks like the Disney gift cards are gone already :( They updated the Facebook page just a bit ago.

  24. Janel says

    @ erika- thanks for sharing the tip about connecting with facebook- I didn’t know about that one.

  25. Kristy says

    Apparently if you don’t log into your account ever so often your points will reset to zero. BOO! I had several hundred points and when I logged in to redeem the gift card my points had disappeared from my account. I did find in the FAQ section that you have to log in every 210 days or you can lose your points, which clearly has happened to me! Extremely disappointing! Congrats to those of you who were able to get the gift card (and who read the program rules!) Guess I need to pay closer attention to the rules!

  26. Charlene says

    Oh Kristy that is a shame. I don’t log into my account but I always print the Disney coupons so that must be why I get lucky. I certainly didn’t read any rules – who knew there were rules- so we would have been in the same boat :(

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