Halloween Candy Stock Up Prices

I went back through the candy deals from last Halloween to sort of give you an idea of what deals we can probably expect to see.

It looks like the fun size bags of candy- that are roughly 11oz- the best price we saw was about $1.00 for those.  It looks like those deals ran pretty close to Halloween.

That works out to about .09/oz for candy after coupons.  This week CVS has large Wonka bags for $5.50 for 4lbs– which is roughly $.08/oz.

So if you want to get your candy and just get it out of the way, that seems to be a good price.

My opinion on buying candy early vs. closer to the holiday is to only buy now if eating all the candy won’t be an issue for you.  If I went and bought the Wonka stuff my husband and kids would have the 4lbs gone before October 1st.

Now if I bought the snack size Snickers or something that is $1.25 this week– well they wouldn’t have a chance at it because Mommy would polish that bag off herself.

If you have more willpower than we do, I’d say to just get it and that is one less thing to worry about.  If you happen to have the same issue that I have, I would suggest printing the candy coupons as they come along and then sit tight for a few weeks and get your bags a little closer to Halloween.


I also wanted to mention that you don’t necessarily have to give out candy for Halloween.  Last year we saw crazy good deals on fruit snacks at some stores or some of you may have spotted great deals on Rice Krispie treats and those can be great alternatives to candy.

I am going to hold out myself and wait until October 1st to see what Amazon has in store for us.  Last year they ran promotions with Yummy Earth lollipops- which are organic.  The lowest price I remember is $10 for 5lbs of lollipops.  I bought those and they work great for trick or treaters plus it is something I feel a little less guilty about giving my kiddos if there are leftovers.   I am hoping Yummy Earth starts getting aggressive with prices in October and I will keep you posted!

(So now you know if you see me buying “Halloween candy” on a shopping trip just look the other way and pretend it really is for the children.)



  1. says

    I have to buy halloween candy 2 days before halloween. And even then it has be be something nasty that I won’t eat, like licorice.

  2. cynthia says

    I thought the 40 oz bag of mars mixed was a GREAT price. 5.99 get a 2 dollar UP so 3.99 after ups. Its the huge bag. Works out to be .09 cents an oz.

  3. Charlene says

    Perfect Cynthia- this is just a very general idea of what price to look for and I think breaking it down by oz makes sense. Then just look for that target price wherever you shop and you have yourself a pretty good deal.

  4. Julianne says

    Thanks for this post! Will you be updating with more candy deals until the holiday?

  5. says

    Last year I had a bunch of free boxes of fruit roll ups that had Shrek on them. We handed those out to the kids at my husbands work party.

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