Discounted AMC Movie Tickets: $5 for $12 Ticket

Well this is available as of posting but these movie ticket deals sell out FAST each and every time I post. I would hurry on over if you are interested- did I mention they tend to sell out FAST?

Saveology is offering a $12 Silver Experience Movie Ticket to AMC theaters nationwide for $5.00. There is a limit of 2 and you have 60 days to redeem your voucher.

Make note that these tickets can not be used on movies within the first 2 weeks of release!

You can find an AMC theater location near you here.

The great thing is that typically these deals are only for new customers- but today this offer is for EVERYONE.  Yeah!

If you haven’t seen The Help yet- I loved it!  I can’t wait to see the new Brad Pitt movie too which I think will be released in time to take advantage of this offer.

One important note: Typically what happens with Saveology is that a voucher is available in your account within 24 hours.  Then you just follow the instructions to redeem it.  I just ordered a Chili’s gift card from them and the card showed up maybe a week or two later.  It did arrive in a very plain white envelope that looked like junk mail.  I hear from people that say they never receive what they ordered but I can say I did it myself and my order came just fine.  I have a feeling some people might be tossing the gift cards thinking they are junk mail.


  1. Jen says

    So I know you’re in the Sacramento area. I’ve looked . . . according to their website there isn’t an AMC in Sacramento, the closest is in Manteca (yikes!). Is it valid somewhere locally?

  2. Charlene says

    Jen sorry but I really don’t have any idea at all of where these theaters are located. I haven’t purchased these for myself and I would just enter your zip code and see what comes up. If there is not a theater near you than I would skip the offer. I have my hands full right now so I won’t be able to check and see what theaters are where until much later today.

  3. Jennifer says

    Thanks for posting this deal again! I missed it the last couple of time but I was able to get it this time. : )

  4. deanna says

    Just as a side note, at the AMC Theatre in Antioch, all the first movies of the day (usually around 11am) are only $5 all the time!

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