Whole Foods: One Day Sale Organic, Grass Fed Beef

Ok well this deal will only be for a small number of you, but it is for sure something to check out if you are interested in organic beef.

On Friday only, Whole Foods stores will be offering Organic, Grass Fed Beef for $4.99/lb. The limit is 10lbs.

You might want to check out the Whole Foods blog for more information- they offer specifics on exactly the kind of beef for each store.

I have been watching for several months now for the best prices on organic beef.  In my area, I have seen organic beef for $3.99/lb but it has been imported from Uruguay.

So this is the lowest I have seen for grass fed, organic beef and from local ranches.   I have heard Costco is typically about $4.99-5.99/lb but  I don’t know where that beef comes from and I do not have a membership to Costco myself to offer more details.

I have extra room in my budget right now so I am going to be stocking up on this sale.

If you have little people in your house, make sure you don’t miss out on the Whole Foods kids club!





  1. says

    I’d also suggest looking into buying in bulk directly from a local farmer to anyone interested in organic beef. We just purchased 1/2 a cow and have been thrilled with the quality and paid only $2.60/lb for everything from ground beef to steaks! (I did a post on it not too long ago.)

  2. Diane says

    You must not live in North California Jill b. You sure can’t buy bulk beef here for that price. One place I saw was $7.25 lb. I saw another place for like $500 for 1/4 mixed up beef. This sounds like a great sale and I’m gonna stock up.


  3. Charlene says

    Diane, she bought a cow 😉 Usually people have to buy a boatload- I have a bunch of friends in other areas that have done it but they spend like $1000. I was looking into it but even 1/4 of a cow is way too much for our family. One of my friends in PA told me they gave her the whole cow- as in those parts you prefer not to think about- and that was the end of that project for me 😛 Jill is right it works out to be way cheaper per lb but it is a pretty big commitment. So you were going to buy a quarter of a cow for $500? That is a good price actually.

    You got the Sprouts kind for $3.99 right? I think this is going to be my stock up time too. I just feel better about what I get from Whole Foods.

  4. Lisa says

    The local ranch around here runs about $6 a lb for ground beef when you buy the cow. Too much for me! I stocked up the last time they had this sale (around Memorial Day) and we’re out of the beef, so I’ll be going back again this Friday. Thanks for the heads up

  5. says

    I am pregnant with our 4th child – so we’re about to be a family of 6! I guess I forget sometimes that we go through groceries a little faster than a lot of people 😉 Our half was about $1000. I have friends who go in together sometimes, too, taking down the upfront cost. We didn’t get anything scary – I got to pick the cuts, etc. actually, so we went with all steaks, roasts and ground beef. The only other thing they gave us were 2 soup bones. (btw my $2.60/lb price is in Ohio)

  6. Melissa says

    Hi Charlene! Just wondered if you could tell us a little more about why you don’t do Costco. I know that a lot of times the deals are not as good as using coupons and sales in regular stores, but I have seen a list of things that are usually good deals (like nuts, dried fruit, honey). Anyway, you are always so practical and I would really appreciate your thoughts when you get a chance! Thanks for all your hard work!

  7. Diane says

    I looked again at the website and the 1/4 beef was more like $700.

    I was in Costo today and the organic beef there said it was product of USA and Canada and the company for this store was in Oregon.

    I plan on being at Whole Foods this Friday to get my 10 lbs! Thanks for letting us know about this sale!

    I know bulk beef is less in other areas of the country. We all should be glad we don’t live in Hawaii where my daughter lives. Wow, groceries are expensive and I’m not seeing many deals here! I think I’m going to have to do CA deals and mail them to her — like toothpaste, etc.

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