Target: Back to School Clearance

Just wanted to remind you, I mentioned that Target should start the Back to School clearance sales today (if they haven’t already at your store.) Last year it was on the 26th and I checked in late last night and they had started marking things down at my store.

I found items from 15-50% just depending. A few notes about this though. This year I was super bummed at how little there was left to choose from. I usually love these clearance sales to get art supplies, paper, pens, crayons all sorts of stuff for Operation Christmas Child, our children’s school donations and of course for our family. Well there was barely anything available at the store I checked. Basically notebooks (which have been cheaper with sales this year then they are on clearance) and a lot of plastic binders.  All the other stuff was not marked down yet (like glue, scissors, markers etc..)

If you decide to check it out, just remember each and every store will be a little different so yours may mark everything down quickly or they may drag it out for ages.

You might keep an eye on things that are not traditionally school supplies, because they can sometimes be included in these sales.

  • Remember the little Kleenex to go packets that were .39 each- grab the $.40/3 Kleenex coupon and you might score a great deal.
  • Ziploc bags have been part of the school supply section this year, so you might grab the $1/2 Ziploc coupon or from 8/7 SS.
  • And keep an eye on the stationary section and near the cards.  I saw gift bags and other items on clearance and those can be great to grab super cheap and put away for gifts.  I also found great stationary on clearance by the greeting card sections.
Happy Shopping and let us know how it works out for you!
I did check Walmart yesterday and I did not notice any clearance sales there.
See more Target deals for this week here.



  1. Lindsay says

    I went to mine- Clarksville, TN and they only had composition books and folders 30% off… Not anything we needed, so I will check back in a few days!

  2. Nadine says

    I was at one today, and they had lunch boxes marked down but that was it!

  3. Charlene says

    Nadine, I didn’t see lunchboxes marked down :( Darn! I just saw binders and notepads. Stingy clearance this year.

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