Purina Cat Food Coupon (Free-.57)

So there is a new Purina Cat Food coupon for $2 off any size or variety. This is actually a great coupon because you can probably find Purina cat food for free or less than $1 at many stores.

Walmart has Purina One Beyond (yellow box) 1lb cat food for $2.57- so $.57 after coupon. (Thanks I Heart theMart)

I believe Winco has it for about $2.75-2.99- so should be less than $1 after coupon.

In the past, Walgreens has had these little Purina One bags for $1.99 and Safeway had these on sale last year for $.99.

They look like the little bags above and at Walgreens, if I remember they were on these hanging rack displays throughout the store.

So keep an eye out while you are shopping and see if you can score free cat food. ¬†This is great to donate to shelters if you don’t have a cat!

Does anyone know of another great deal on Purina One this week?


  1. Thip says

    Weis in MD have Purina ONE Beyond (yellow bag) 1 pound for $1.99. I don’t have any cat but I will get and donate them and they have Scotties facial Tissues 10/10 or $1.00 each will be free after coupon on facebook.

  2. Dionna says

    Food Lion has the one pound boxes of Purina One for $2.00 each. This is the last day of the sale though.

  3. diane says

    Was wondering if there was anyway u can send me some coupons in the mail. I don’t have a printer and actually and writing this to u on my phone. My address is. Diane Gordon ,23 sixteenth st. ,Campbell,Ohio,44405. Could really use as many coupons as u can spare. Thanks soo much! Have trouble trying to get coupons.

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