New Printable Coupons: Sun Drop Soda and Starkist Tuna

There are two more coupons available today:

Buy One Get One Free SunDrop Soda coupon– this is for the 20oz size (zip 60625)

And get a $.50/1 Starkist Tuna coupon for the pouches- these are pretty inexpensive at Target and Walmart or you might find a better deal if you have a grocery store that doubles.

I can’t say I have ever heard of SunDrop soda so it might be a regional product.


  1. Heather V. says

    I’m in the Midwest and our Target carries SunDrop 20 oz. bottles in the beverage coolers by the checkout lane. I believe the cost here is $1.49/ea.

  2. Nicole says

    I haven’t tried the Sun Drop yet, but I got it for free from Safeway a couple months ago with Just For You. I live in Norcal, maybe it’s a new product?

  3. says

    Because it’s about Sundrop, I had to share useless information today… I’m sorry; I had to laugh at Nicole’s comment that it might be new; although I do understand that it is new to much of the country. Charlene was absolutely correct in the post about thinking it might be a regional thing. It’s been a regional citrus soda for many years, although exactly how many years depends on which website you read. :) ( or( However, 2011 is the year it is being launched nationally, so hopefully you’ll be able to use your coupons!

  4. kate says

    i think the commercials for sun drop are so funny. my lil sister dances when ever we have sundrop

  5. Seth says

    I was wondering how this would work…my Walgreens has this on sale for 2 for $1…if I have two of those coupons…how would this work????

  6. Charlene says

    Seth they would be free after coupon. Are you sure it is the pouches though and not the canned tuna?

  7. Jen says

    Charlene~ The Chik fil A in Roseville usually gives away cases of Sun Drop soda at their events. I recieved a free case at their Easter egg hunt earlier this year. They are sold locally, I believe at Winco and Wal Mart. This soda was very popular in the 70’s and is trying to make a come back on the West Coast :)

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