Kohl’s $10 off $30 Coupon in Some Newspapers Today!

There is a Kohl’s coupon on the front of my newspaper this morning for $10 off a $30 purchase.  The coupon is valid the 19th through the 28th and the great thing about these coupons is that you can stack them with any % off coupons you may have for double savings.

I actually have a post coming in just a bit with another 15% off coupon so stay tuned for that.  I did want to get this up quickly so you can check your newspaper stand and see if you get lucky.

I don’t have a list of papers this is in today so if you find it in your paper, please leave a comment below and let us know which one it was in!  I think last time some people found the coupon in the actual paper and not stuck to the front.

Keep in mind you may find that people have stolen the coupons off the front of the paper, so you might check through the stack if you don’t see it right away.  Also, I picked this paper up first thing this morning and it was the very last one in the stand.  Lots of people using coupons these days!  You can always pop into a coffee shop and see if they have a basket of leftover newspapers.





  1. Megan says

    On my work newspaper over here at the edge of Roseville almost in Granite Bay. Not sure if there was one on my home paper. . .

  2. Diedre says

    I got two this morning, one on my Long Beach Press Telegram and one on the Los Angeles Times.

  3. Sonu says

    yo hooo….I got mine…mine is LATimes and it is sticked on the actual paper …(my paper comes with fold so we have to open it to see the coupon)

  4. Barbie says

    Contra Costa Times in the Far East Bay has $15 off $50…still not the best deal…

  5. Jodi Martin says

    I got one!!! It was in the Fort Worth Star telegram!! 10$ off of $30 purchase!! And you can combine with other coupons!!!

  6. Lauryn says

    hi can you combine that coupon with the 5 off 25.00 coupon on coupon cabin? So could you spend like 40.00 use 10.00 off and then do another 5.00 off that?

  7. Holly says

    I went to Kohl’s yesterday, stuck my coupon to the back of a 15% coupon which was used (along w/some Kohl’s cash and birthday $) and FORGOT to unstick it from the 15% (actually, it got stuck to it–I usually put it in my wallet w/my actual money money so they won’t get lost or stuck to something else like this did). Anyway…I’m cryin’ ! !

  8. Holly says

    There’s also some online codes you might be interested in:
    You need to enter your Kohl’s charge & rewards (if you have it) numbers first. SHOPIT is for some percentage off and SHIP4FREE is free shipping for ANY amount. I’m in Santa Cruz BTW.

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