Free Sample: Target Beauty Bag!

Well this starts the day off right for me! The Target beauty bag with free samples is back again- you can get a little cosmetic bag filled with samples totally free. Just answer a few questions and fill in your mailing address.

Last time the little bag was really nice and it also came with a bunch of fantastic coupons.

Now I requested mine and the thing was just spinning for ages after I clicked to submit.  I tried to click and submit the form again and it said a bag had already been requested by me.  So I am hoping my request went through.

You might need to just check back in a bit when the site isn’t so busy.


  1. Hannah Johnson says

    Had some trouble getting through at first, finally I was able to request a sample and filled out the information required. Keep trying I did thanks.

  2. Andrea says

    The same thing happened to me on their website, hopefully we will get our samples.

  3. Stacy says

    The same spinning happened to me…..let’s just hope for the best!! Thanks!

  4. Traci says

    same thing with me ~~crossing fingers~~
    and you’re right, this was a GREAT sample last time.
    thanks for the heads up!

  5. mlee says

    mine did the same thing did not complete hope it went would love the samples and coupons

  6. says

    I had the same problem, with circle spinning, spinning, but I tried again, and like you, it said I had already requested one. Guess we will all find out some day!

  7. laura says

    I missed this last time. I got the circle thing too. I hope it went through :)

  8. Lisa says

    got as far as name and address…wouldn’t confirm that I had completed survey…hope I receive the bag…

  9. Sheena says

    Same here. i get the spinning loader…hope it comes through. The last bag was really cute and the coupons were great.

  10. Sara says

    The page took several times before it would come up and then when it did – there was no sample bag to choose. Sad I missed out.

  11. says

    i would love to have the free samples bag from target i didnt get one last time its a offer again to get one id love to try them see if its something i can buy

  12. Diane jubrey says

    I have tried so many times on your website it let’s my answer on survey question but does nothing else could you guys please send me a sample of the bag I’been waiting a long time for one thanks

  13. Charlene says


    This was posted over a year ago. The sample has now expired. You need to request them the same day they are posted as the quantities are limited.

  14. bonogofsky says

    hi why do you print it when its over? i got mine when its to late and i would really would to have it. now wwhat? are you gojhg to have it again is so i hope you will let us know advanced. thank you..11/04 2012

  15. amy wray says

    I Signed Up In August. It Said I Would Get The Bag. But I Didnt I Was Upset.Because They Are Real Nice Bags.

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