Veggie Tales DVD: Snoodle’s Tale $4.11 Shipped (Back in Stock!)

Oooh this is the same offer I posted yesterday but yesterday it was gone in maybe an hour? So I would hurry on over to get your copy if you are interested!

You can get the Veggie Tales Snoodle’s Tale DVD for just $4.11 shipped today! This requires a few steps. I kept getting error messages until I finally followed all the steps exactly:

  1. Head over to Veggie Tales and register for an account or log in.
  2. Search for Snoodle’s Tale DVD and add it to your cart at $14.99.
  3. Enter code: SNOODLE in all caps under discount code at checkout. The price will drop to 0.

Shipping was $4.11 for me unless you need other items and then you get free shipping on a $30 order.

This is a great deal for Veggie Tales and you might be able to just put this away for a gift or save it for a rainy/sick day for your kiddos.

And after you get that finished you can request a free subscription to Thriving Family magazine as well!

(Thanks The Thrifty Mama)

PS: You can read the reviews from Amazon here– they look excellent to me!


  1. Lysbeth says

    It still says it is not valid. And I followed all the steps and in 2 different browsers. Bummer.

  2. Tamara says

    The site has been frozen for me on the checkout screen for over a half an hour. :( Guess I missed out again!

  3. Charlene says

    The site was super slow but it worked perfectly for me just now. Are you 100% sure you followed the directions exactly in the post? If you typed in “snoodle” it won’t work. You have to follow each step or you will get an error message.

  4. Michelle Vaartjes says

    Did you happen to get a confirmation code? I went through all the steps and after I put in my credit card and press order it says “no items in your shopping cart”. I did this twice…not sure if I will get 2 or zero dvd’s.

  5. Kaylene says

    I had the same problem. And then I checked my bank account and it debited the $4 for shipping but my account on the Veggie Tales site said that I have no orders. Anybody know what that’s about?

  6. Charlene says

    Kaylene, I have a feeling they need a few days to sort things out. From what I see on the Facebook wall this happened to a bunch of people. I think they got hit harder than they expected and probably couldn’t handle all the orders :)

    I am sure it will be OK if your order went through.

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