Target: Free New Baby Kit


I was thinking about this freebie because I haven’t mentioned it in ages. That is actually the bag I got from this promotion when Maya was born and she is..ahem… two now.

So anyhow, if you are pregnant or just had a baby you can inquire inside your Target store for a free new baby welcome kit.

The kit will vary from store to store and I recommend calling ahead to confirm your store has them available.  It is advertised in very small print on the baby registry form.

You will want to call the customer service desk or check in with them when you shop.

I don’t know what is currently in these kits but just for reference this is what my bag had in it:

  • 2 samples Huggies diapers, 1 baby wash, 1 travel size wipes
  • Huggies coupons- $1/1 Huggies wipes, $1.50/1 diapers, $1.50/1 bath and body product
  • 1 sample Johnson’s lotion w/ $3/1 Target coupon for a gift set
  • 1 Pampers Swaddlers w/ a Target coupon for $3 off diapers and wipes
  • catalog with Target coupons for: $20 off Medela pumps, 10% off Eddie Bauer car seat, $3 off Pampers diapers and wipes, $1 Johnson’s tolietry, $1 Huggies, $1 Huggies wipes, $3 Good Start, $4 Expecta supplements.
  • $3 off Similac ready to feed formula Target coupon
  • And a coupon for $20 off an order of $20 or more at Shutterfly. The order must be picked up at Target.

You might check the Shop for Free list for Target as well!


  1. says

    Fantastic! Since number two is on his/her way as I ring in 2012, I have yet another excuse to head on over to Target! I’ll let you know what’s currently in it, when I find out. :o)

    ..and my first baby is two as well. Honestly, where does the time go??!

  2. Tara says

    I just registered yesterday and didn’t get anything. But I’m going to inquire at the one in town the next time I go and see if they will give me it. I’m trying to stock pile up on diapers and wipes. I do know that Babies R Us will give you a bag. I got one yesterday that came with Huggies/Pampers samples, and coupons. Though the Pamper ones were BRU. Huggies though were manufacturer. They also gave me a ton of other BRU only coupons (can these be stacked?) I never really shop there unless it’s TRU and it’s Christmastime. I also got an Avent bottle, some Parents mags, and there was a Butt Paste sample (love this stuff) and a Boogie Wipe sample (love them as well). Does anyone know of any other stores that give you freebies for doing a registry?

  3. Charlene says

    Tara I think you need to ask specifically for it. I did call my store today just to be sure they still had them and they said yes… I think you need to look for someone when you go that appears to have sense :) If I remember last time I got mine I had 2 ask twice.

  4. Ally says

    There is also a sample for breast milk storage bags, breast pads, and a coupon for $4 off a halo sleep sack. There’s some other coupons too but I’ve already used mine so I don’t remember exactly.

  5. says

    I got a bag when I registered, but is there another one when you have the baby? All mine had was a few coupons but I don’t remember any samples. But I did get a $20 Snapfish giftcard which I used to make a photobook. I combined the giftcard with some promo codes and only spent $1.07 shipped on a really nice photobook.

  6. Jessica says

    I was never able to get one of these when I registered. Every time I asked, they were out, and they kept telling me they didn’t know when they’d get more. :(

  7. Elaine Schelske says

    Hi, I work at Target and work many times at Guest Service. We get large shipments of the free baby gift bags in…but they go fast. Once they are gone…we reorder…but sometimes it takes weeks to get them in again. But always stop and ask…even if your baby is already born…stop by when you are in and ask. We love giving them out to new parents and wedding gift bags for Bride’s to be!

  8. cyndi says

    Does anyone know if you need to start a registry to get a new baby bag? I am due with my 2nd in Jan ’12 and my family only does showers for baby #1, so it would be weird to register I think.

  9. celeste shelley says

    I got mine yesterday- mostly coupons in it- Target and Manufacturers- hope I can stack them there.

  10. Jessica S. says

    I registered and they gave me the baby bag in June. I went to use some diaper coupons that same day and didn’t realize till I was checking out that all the coupons were expired(exp. Feb./March). They did make that transaction work for me but I was out all the other coupons. :( I asked up at customer service and they said that they had been trying to get new bags since March and hadn’t been sent any. I did get a Target baby registry catalog in the mail that had a coupon on it for a free $20 gift card for making a registry. That was fun!

  11. lindsey says

    I just did this a few months back online and then you just take a printed copy in and ask for the bag, the first target i tried didn’t have any but they said that i could come back or get it at another target! I went to another one and got one no problem! Also i am not sure where i added my email address on targets site but they sent me coupon if i started a registry then they would give me a $20 gift card! BONUS! This was for my 4th child so no shower, but for the coupons and the gift card it was worth it for me to just do it!

  12. sam says

    i went into target today and asked and the girl knew nothing about a new baby bag but she gave me one of the bags that you get when you register, has some target coupons in it. But nothing like the picture in it, however the coupons appear to be pretty similar to the ones listed here and the ones i got in the bag today.

  13. Charlene says

    Sam, like I said in the post that bag was from literally 2 years ago. It was just to give you a general idea of what to expect. My youngest is 2 so I don’t feel right about requesting a bag myself to see what the contents are right now.

  14. Charlene says

    Thanks for letting me know :) It is a little misleading because that kit was from 2 years ago so who knows if it is the same items inside now

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