Recycle Bank Codes: Current List of Points Available

A few people have mentioned they are still a little unclear about Recyclebank and what it is. The very short answer is that it is simply a web site that requires you do various tasks in order to earn “points”. Those points can be redeemed for gift cards (to places like Home Depot or Panera) or coupons or other prizes. I have found earning points is something that is very quick and easy to do.

The coupons they offer are very high in value- like $2 off Kashi, $1 off Coke, Free Happybaby products etc… They also offer coupons for restaurants- like a Free Smoothie or Oatmeal at McDonald’s and if you type in your zip code, you might find coupons for $10 off $50 at your local grocery store.

So I really do recommend this program because it is very simple to earn points and you can cash them in for whatever you like. Some of the coupons are printable (like Kashi) and some come in the mail. They typically arrive within 2 weeks or ordering them. Some of the printable coupons can be printed twice (like the $10 off grocery store coupons) and some are only single print (like Kashi).

So I thought I would list out all the points that are currently available right now. To get started you just register for a Recyclebank account.

Then click “Earn Points” in the upper left side.

  • Click Tide Challenge on the right side (this is a square advertisement)- 5 points
  • Click the Cascade advertisement on the right side- 5 points
  • Click the Aveeno logo in green and publish 3 pledges to your Facebook wall- 50 points
  • Click Recycle Your Kashi boxes-if you have any Kashi boxes on hand with codes on the side of the box get 50 points
  • Click Pampers and take a short quiz- 25 points
  • Click Dove and take a short quiz- 25 points
  • Click Ziploc- if you have any Ziploc boxes on hand with codes on the side you earn 7-12 points each
  • Click Friskies Cat Food and take a short quiz for 25 points
  • Click Lifecycle of a cereal box and take a short quiz- 25 points

And those are the very quick ones. I would say you could do all those in just a few minutes and you would have 160 points not including the Ziploc and Kashi boxes.  That is more than enough for a free smoothie at McDonald’s for example.

Then for more points you can do the Green Your Vacation Challenge- this takes a few extra minutes but the points are way bigger:

  • Click Green Your Vacation under Earn Points
  • Look halfway down the page to a link that says “Green Your Vacation” and click that
  • There are four red boxes listed at the upper right corner- Travel, Beach, Camping, Staycation.

Click each one and as the suitcase opens click on all the objects you see- cars, boats, clouds etc.. etc… Each thing you click will have a point value assigned. So the suitcases are worth:

  • Travel- 55 points
  • Beach-65 points
  • Camping- 50 points
  • Staycation- 50 points

So if you finish all those, you have a total of 220 points for the suitcases and 160 from the other items. That is 380 total points.  The suitcases are only available for about another week and then you miss out on the chance to earn those points.

You might check out the restaurant coupons in your area. I have 4 free item coupons available for McDonald’s, $10 off a Ruby Tuesday, Buy One get One Free Papa Murphy pizzas, $6 ff at Olive Garden and more!

I hope that helps to clarify Recyclebank for you!


  1. cathy says

    i am debating whether it is better to save my points for something bigger or use on something small? i may be interested in the kashi coupons or macys coupon or honest tea. the gift cards look tempting too, but it takes a ton of time to earn 2500 points. in the past i grabbed O magazine subscription and an umbrella. what do you think?

  2. Charlene says

    Cathy the gift cards seems like they would take a hundred years to get. I say go with your gut. What makes you excited it what you should grab or save up for :)

  3. Cherie says

    I only got 190 points from the suit cases and I tried clicking on everything, there is nothing else to click. I also couldn’t find the advertisements for points.

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