How to Extreme Coupon: Price Matching at Walmart

Here is a little vlog I did on how you can do price matching at Walmart. The major advantages to price matching include:

1. One stop shopping (saving time and money)
2. Cherry Pick the best deals from a variety of stores.
3. Shop at your convenience without worrying about inventory issues and out of stocks.
4. Walmart’s policy is to give overage on all coupons, so you might be able to get overage on a coupon rather than having it adjusted down.

The major disadvantages to price matching at Walmart include:

1. Employees that are not trained properly on the policies.
2. Not finding identical items to what you want to match.

Hopefully this video helps to explain how the entire process works! If you have trouble viewing this video, you can find my You Tube Channel here.

You can find the actual Price Matching policy for Walmart here and find the Walmart Coupon Policy here.

You can also find more articles on How to Get Started Extreme Couponing here.


  1. Heidi says

    I have had so so luck with the price matching at Walmart. It is hard to find exact match ups sometimes and alot of the employees don’t seem to know the process. However, I think it does save time and money. I saved $16 last week JUST with price matching before coupons!!! I think it’s worth it… hope they keep it up!! Thanks for posting the video!!!

  2. lucy says

    Isn’t it true that you DON’T have to show them the ad, per their matching policy??? I make a list and i just read off what i’m price matching from where. and you are right, SOME cashiers are not trained at all!

  3. Charlene says

    Lucy, I said in the video that the policy does not require bringing in the ad. I suggested if it is convenient to take it but it is not required.

  4. lucy says

    I heard it as soon as i clicked submit! sorry. and thank you SO much :) great informational video

  5. Endcapps says

    You’re awesome–clear, concise, just the right amount of info. Makes me feel up to trying this! I’m glad to finally see you and hear your voice.

  6. piper says

    hey!!! wow…that was weird! seeing a video of you…it was like i have been reading a good book series for the past 1.5 years and now i just saw the movie! i mean…i have seen your picture on the bottom of the blog, but i had never seen you in action! so you know how that is…when you first see a movie and see who was cast for the charactors you had pictured in your head from the book…it was like that! hahaha!

    ps…you are like a celebrity around my house! hehe!

  7. Shannon says

    I have had no luck price matching. Every time I try they will price match, but then say I can’t use a coupon on top of the price match. They still say this even when I try to explain the policy.

  8. Charlene says

    bahahahahaa!! Celebrity! I have some rough vlogs I am going to start deleting from after my baby was born on that You Tube channel ๐Ÿ˜› I look pretty tore up. Wait till you see the coupon organization one where Maya is crying through it and yanking my pant leg. That will be coming soon.

  9. Tina F. says

    Wow,it’s been forever since I’ve seen a vlog from you, Thanks for the great info. I will be trying this on my next trip.

  10. Stacy says

    I don’t know about your walmart but my walmart will only honor the BOGO free for $2.99 (example) if their product is more than $2.99. If their price is $2.39 for that item they will not raise their price in order to get another item free. :-(

  11. Terra says

    Great Info! Thanks. Ive not used price matching yet because Im nervous of the process but hopefully now with better understanding I will be brave enough to try it :)

  12. Sandra says

    Is it difficult to price match at Target? Target is just around the corner from my house.

    Also I watched you old video from September 2009 about printing Target coupons in-store. Can you still do that? I never knew about it!

  13. pat says

    My local Wal-mart is great for price matching, if it happens to be a newer clerk the CSM always explains to the cashier how it is done (what key codes needed for price matching). It has been even easier since they have been running the commercials about the match it promotion.

  14. Chris says

    I have a question, for places like CVS and Wags, how does instant rebates work? Do they give you off that amount also? If I purchased an air freshener for 6.99 and they have an instant rebate for $4 off, they say its like paying 2.99. Will they honor that?

  15. says

    I was just thinking the same thing that Chris asked. Do they give you the RR, ECB or +UP discount on the price? Or maybe they give you a gift card for it for a future purchase??

  16. Sharon says

    I am new to price matching at Walmart but was elated last weekend when I was able to price match milk that was on sale at Albertsons, without the ad! (Would you believe that I brought the entire ad with me, minus the one loose page that actually showed the milk price on it???) I know they say you don’t need an ad, but I was skeptical. So I asked two cashiers and they both said it was no problem to price match without the ad. And they didn’t even had an ad on hand to verify the price! Thanks for the video, Charlene. I didn’t know that they would price match other stores in-ad coupons too. That is great news!

  17. Angel-Indy says

    Thanks sooooooooooo much for the tips… It will help me save a lots of money at Walmart!!! God bless you.

  18. Charlene says

    Jennifer. My understanding is that they will not price match those situations but the ad match guarantee doesn’t specifically address it. They for sure won’t match a deal where a gift card is offered so I would think a gift card would be the same as a RR or whatever.

  19. Shelley says

    Thanks for all the info – I leaned lots. Like others, I enjoyed seeing an animated version of you. : ) “My” Walmart is not huge, but does carry some grocery items that I could try price matching. I appreciate all you do and I check in a few times a day. You are part of my life – ha! : )

  20. Debi says

    Thank you so much! I hadn’t tried price matching yet because I was afraid it would be a big hassle. Now armed with all your great advice, I’ll be giving it a try! Love your vlog and your blog!

  21. Lisa P says

    Thank you so much for the video … it was so helpful. I came over here to ask about whether they’d match the ECB or RR … but that’s already been addressed.

    Just wanted to thank you again for all of the time that you put into this. I’ve only been couponing since May, but I’ve learned so much from you … your blog makes my life so much easier and helps me save a lot of money, too. :-)

  22. Kellie says

    I just price matched at walmart today; mostly produce and a few random items like cereal and soda. Boy oh boy did I get the fifth degree at checkout. The cashier demanded to see my ads, accused me of cheating, and refused to honor exact price match items until her manager came over and forced her too. It was probably the worst checkout experience I’ve ever had. I felt like I had done something wrong when I left with how badly she treated me. I did save a TON of money though, and got some great produce deals. I guess it really just depends on where you live and your luck that day. Walmart is always so hit or miss for me. Or maybe it’s a California thing? No one seems friendly out here lol.

  23. Charlene says

    Kellie they aren’t friendly here either. At Walmart I always walk the aisles carefully to pick a cashier. I look for people that appear to not be totally miserable and nasty (which my store they mostly all are) and I try to look for someone that appears to be in authority because they can do things quickly.

  24. Diane says

    I ran into some difficulty at my local Walmart with this deal…..
    Herbal Ess. products were $2.99, (UP $1back), makes them $1.99 then they had listed the coupon I was using for $1 off. The add read “it’s like paying $0.99. The cashier told me that they would only give me the $2.99 price, and I could use my coupon, that is still paying $1.99 not the $0.99 I was willing to pay. Anyone else ran into the problem of reward/rebate etc and not price matching?

  25. Charlene says

    Diane that is a valid argument. They price match the advertised price which was $2.99. The advertised price was not $.99. The price after store rewards and a coupon was $.99. They won’t match store rewards and it isn’t really fair to ask them to price match a coupon that you don’t have :) At Rite Aid you wouldn’t pay $.99. You would pay $1.99 providing you had that $1 off coupon and then you’d have $1 back toward your next purchase. I hope that makes sense- the drugstore rewards deals can be a little tricky. It is the same with Target gift cards.

  26. Jessica says

    ? Do they price match with say up-rewards from rite aid included. IE Mitchium deoderant 2/4$ with $1 rite ait up rewards, =2/$3 ? Does that work? Can you get that at walmart with showing that add for 2/$3 total?

  27. brittany d. says

    I work at walmart and i agree! Because i go to a different walmart sometimes and they would sit there and flip throught the ads they have or just say sorry that they dont see it. I love price matching . It also depends on the cashier whether you get the match . 9 out of ten says im doing it because i know most of them but when i get insanely crazy lowprice thats when i would ask fora csm or customer service manager 10 dollar socks for 6 a 15 dollar bra for 5 . Im greatful to hwve a job so im not usually nasty (unless iam pmsing than all bets are off :-)!!!!)….just kidding . Even if the customers are rude to me i smile ,scan faster,and put the bags in the cart and tell them to have a nice or better day . Reason one being i dont know what there going through and 2 it gets them out of my line quicker hehe

  28. Mary says

    It’s now policy to show the ad… Like everything in life due to dishonesty the people licy has now changed.. Just thought I’d update this

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