{CLOSED} Giveaway: 12 Full Coupon Inserts

Okey dokey, as promised I will have a weekly giveaway for 12 full sets of coupon inserts.

Three readers will each get a set of (4) whole coupon inserts. This will be a mix of the 7/10 SS and RP inserts.  You can see a Sunday Coupon Preview for July 10th here.

There have been some nice coupons in these inserts so this should be a great start especially for those of you that are new to couponing.

You get 2 shots to win:

Just leave a comment below and let me know how you get your inserts.  Do you not buy the Sunday papers?  Do you have multiple papers delivered to your home or are you out casing Starbucks for leftover papers on Sundays?  (As I said before I get one set of inserts on Thursday and 3 Sunday papers delivered.  That is plenty of coupons for me!)

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*Please be sure to actually leave a comment below.  Any emails, Facebook messages or tweets will not be counted.  If you are viewing this in a newsletter just click through to the blog to leave your comment.

This giveaway ends on Monday the 11th of July at 5pm PST.



  1. Carolyn M. says

    I subscribe to Sunday newspaper but am just now learning about using multiple coupons, so I will be looking for ways to get extra inserts. I am excited about learning more ways to save.

  2. Stevie says

    I get two Sunday papers delivered to me and my friend and I swap coupons

  3. Maggie says

    I get the Sunday paper delivered and if I am lucky my in-laws save their inserts for me!

  4. sarah says

    I buy my papaers from the dollar store. The number varies depending on what coupons are in it.

  5. Mim says

    I usually would buy the Tennessean for .99 cents around my area at gas stations,Walgreens and CVS to get my coupons. I have noticed a lot of places are no longer doing the paper for that price and charge $1.75. I may have to take advantage of the Tennessean’s offer to get Sunday paper for .99 delivered in order to get any coupon inserts.

  6. Julie says

    I subscribe to the Sunday paper and pick up extra copies at my local Dollar Tree.

  7. Patty says

    A couple friends and I coupon swap. We get the paper and exchange for what we each need.

  8. Tin Kitty says

    I subscribe to the Sunday paper and two of my neighbors give me any coupons they do not use.

  9. eve says

    I’m always using your coupon tips. Get the Sunday newspaper for the coupons and ads too :).

  10. amber yancy says

    i usually buy 2 papers and i have a friend that buys me 2 of a different kind. our local paper doesnt always put as many inserts in the paper that is adveritised online. if there is supposed to be 2 theres normally 1. and we have to get them from behind the counters at the store. its fustrating around here. and i am a fan on facebook

  11. Stephanie says

    I buy Sunday paper and my friends and I also swap for the coupons that we want outof each insert that the other might not be using.

  12. Thabal says

    RSS Subscriber of your blog. – does it count? If not, just disregard this entry.

  13. Andrea Clements says

    I have a Sunday only subscription to my local newspaper. I also ask familymembers to save inserts for me.

  14. Deb B says

    It depends on the week. If the coupons are really good, I’ll buy another paper. If not, I order them online occasionally. Depends on what I have stockpiled and what I need.

  15. Pauline says

    I get my inserts through the Sunday’s paper and from friends – (emscout9 at Hotmail dot com)

  16. Ken says

    I get mine from a free Saturday newspaper and inserts I see in my building’s recycling.

  17. Jane says

    I get my inserts at work. Plus my grandparents save theirs for me (after they have clipped out what they want) Also, sometimes my mom buys the newspaper and I get the inserts.

  18. Arinda Fanning says

    I subscribe to the paper for my coupons. I also sometimes buy the early paper – if inserts are good. I also have family members give me theirs, since they know I coupon.