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So I recently posted an article about requesting free coupons by mail.   When I first started using coupons I used to do this frequently myself.  You simply take a moment and email or call companies and request that they send you coupons.  Sometimes I would get great coupons (for free products) and sometimes I would get coupons that were worth less than the stamp to mail them.

So I stopped requesting these coupons because it seemed to be taking more time than it was worth.  Recently I noticed a comment on the Cascadian Farms facebook wall where someone was requesting coupons from them.  They suggested the person email directly.  Well I happen to love Cascadian Farms products so I decided to email and see what would happen.

I was pleasantly surprised to receive (3) free coupons in the mail for up to $5.49 each.  I thought that was pretty great actually!

So this was probably just lucky and I don’t want anyone to misunderstand- you are not guaranteed to get anything from these companies.  You can take the time to request coupons from them and see what happens.  You may get lucky like I did or you may get nothing at all.

I thought I would start a Saturday series with contact information for 7 companies each week.  If you want to request coupons from them, this should make the process easy for you.

If you are confused about this process, see the article here about how to request free coupons by mail.  If you are frisky for more ideas of companies to contact, you can check the list here for companies that have previously sent free coupons.


If you decide to try this out let us know how it works out for you!


  1. Teresa says

    I recently contacted Aidells about their product and they sent me FREE coupons as well.

  2. Jennifer says

    I haven’t emailed any of these companies…yet. But I’ve had lots of luck emailing other companies. For example our dog eats super expensive special diet food (better then our own food!) and I requested coupons. They sent me several $5 and $10 coupons. Same with Thomas english muffins, they sent 5 $1 coupons!! My favorite so far is Method cleaners (usually found at Target) they send me coupons every two or so months without me asking now.

  3. K says

    great idea!

    I use lots of Mountain High plain yoghurt and if you sign up for their newsletter you get printable coupons each month and they also send out surveys every now and then with more cpns or some gifts in the mail and sometimes cpns for free 32 oz tubs. Great company.

    — Unrelated question:
    Can I use a Revlon cpn that says $1 off any color cosmetic on FOUNDATION ? Or do they mean lipsticks, eyeshadows etc? Foundation has color and is a cosmetic. LOL. I live in fear of registers beeping at me. Thanks~

  4. Tammy says

    Thanks so much! A few other companies that I have had good luck with are Daisy (sr. cream), Floridas Natural OJ, Heritage Organic Milk, Clean Well Products, Ecover Products, and Hansens Jr. Juice.

  5. Charlene says

    K I am not sure. They do coupons that say face cosmetics and some that say color cosmetics. I would guess that might be OK but can you look on the picture on the coupon? If it seems like only shadows and lipsticks than you might have a beep issue.

  6. Jenna says

    I tried this when I was pregnant with my second son with various baby companies to see if I could get some free samples/coupons. I will try to remember who all I emailed, but I do recall Seventh Generation was very generous. They sent me samples of 3 different sizes of diapers, a travel pack of wipes, and coupons! Aquaphor also sent me some travel samples and coupons.

  7. Lynda says

    I do get coupons from companies pretty regularly. I had a problem with a food product recently and I let the company know I had to toss it. I was very polite and stressed that I count on this product on a regular basis. I got a reply back saying they were referring it to one of their departments. A week later I got a check in the mail for twice of what the value of the product was. I was really surprised. Either a company will ignore you, tell you thanks for letting them know, or send a coupon. This company has gained extra value in my eyes.

  8. Jackie says

    I e-mailed Nursery Water a couple weeks ago to request a coupon. They almost immediately e-mailed me back saying they would be happy to send me a coupon and thanked me for using their product. I am still waiting for the coupon, though. I just e-mailed Pampers. It’s nice to know they’ve sent coupons for free products in the past. Hopefully I can be lucky to get them!

  9. Michelle says

    Awesome!! Thank you so much for doing this. Emailing them all now for coupons!! Great idea! Look fwd to this.

  10. susan says

    Why are so many people affraid of the register beeps? If it beeps all you have to do is say nothank you to the product and have it removed from your order. No one is going to die. RELAX!

  11. Jessica says

    LOVE this. Also love the links go straight to the contact us form! How do I sign up for your mailing list?

  12. says

    Emailing companies for coupons is a great idea! I try to remember to do this when I love a product and when I have a problem with something.

    Some companies just say thanks and that’s it and other companies go above and beyond. I have gotten some fabulous free product coupons for expensive products (like Udi’s gluten free bread!) by offering my compliments and concerns. It’s just important to remember to always be polite, even if you are registering a complain! :)

    Thanks for this reminder…we just moved and are settled, so I think it’s time to do this again.

  13. Alicja says

    Flinstones sent me 3 free bottle coupons once! They were good up to 11.99

  14. Mary says

    I’ve done this several times and I was surprised how many companies do send Free coupons. :)

  15. says

    I recently emailed Bayer and told them how much I liked their Aleve liquid gels and they sent me a coupon book with $20 worth of Bayer brand coupons =)

  16. Stephanie says

    THANK YOU for making this so easy for us!! I really appreciate all your hard work to make our lives easier!

  17. Kellie says

    This sounds great! Just curious, do you specifically ask for coupons in the email? Or do you just tell the company you love them, etc. and hope they get the hint?

  18. K says

    @Charlene: I asked the cashier and she said let’s just try it and see…no beeps.

    @susan: I have agoraphobia and social anxiety disorder. Someday I hope to be as together as you.

  19. Charlene says

    Oh K I had panic attacks when I moved to San Francisco by myself after college. It is terrible :( It sounds like a silly thing to say panic attack when there are real illnesses like cancer and such but it was just a truly, truly terrible thing to go through. Good for you for giving it a go! I am so glad you got your deal. I wish there were more U-Scans for your sake. Wouldn’t that be lovely to just do it yourself everywhere.

  20. Erlinda says

    I was wondering after requesting for coupons will the company continue giving you free coupons without having to ask all the time?

  21. Charlene says

    Erlinda, no I don’t think they will add you to a mailing list and just keep sending them out. Typically it will be a one time thing.

  22. Jenna says

    Just a quick FYI. I sent an email to Cascadian Farms a couple weeks ago to praise them for their cereal line. I took my time to send them a heartfelt and genuine email. I casually asked if they send coupons to customers, and if so I would appreciate them. In response, I received a terse email saying that they don’t send coupons to customers. Honestly, if they had been a little nicer, I wouldn’t be upset. However, after the time I took to compliment them, I think the response was quite rude. Of course not all companies behave this way, but I’ll look to purchase other cereal lines after this experience with Cascadian Farms.

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