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So I recently posted an article about requesting free coupons by mail.   When I first started using coupons I used to do this frequently myself.  You simply take a moment and email or call companies and request that they send you coupons.  Sometimes I would get great coupons (for free products) and sometimes I would get coupons that were worth less than the stamp to mail them.

As I mentioned last week, I thought I’d start a Saturday series with a handful of companies you can contact and see what happens!  You are not guaranteed to get anything from these companies but if you want to take the time to write to them and see what happens hopefully this list will help!

If you are confused about this process, see the article here about how to request free coupons by mail.  If you are frisky for more ideas of companies to contact, you can check the list here for companies that have previously sent free coupons.


If you decide to try this out let us know how it works out for you! You can see the list from last week here.


  1. says

    thanks! I’m going to try some of these ams see how it works. I’ll let ya know if I score some:)

  2. Nell says

    So I sent everyone an email from the list from last week. All of them replied stating they do not send out coupons. So I felt it was not useful for me. I’m not sure of the response others got.

  3. Charlene says

    Nell, That sounds like a plan to me. So odd I got $17 in coupons from Cascadian Farms and then you didn’t get any at all.

  4. Rhonda says

    I thought this was a great idea so I sent out a couple e-mails. I e-mailed Clorox and they replied thanking me for the feedback. I also e-mailed Alpo because my dog LOVES their wet food. They thanked me as well and told me they were sending me a coupon for more food. Yea! Thanks so much!

  5. Kim says

    I kinda wonder if some companies only have so many coupons/freebies to send out each month or so. I have also found that the more you complement them on their products the more likely you will get some kind of coupon or freebie. Everybody likes a pat on the back every once in awhile. A lot of the time after I complement I will mention another product I would like to try too. Sometimes it is successful sometimes not. I did just recently email Scotch Brite and let them know how much I love their cook top stove cleaner (which I do) I let them know what exactly I liked about it then asked if there were any coupons available. A couple days later I received an email thanking me for my feedback but right now there were no coupons available however they would like to send me a full size Scotch Brite product instead. YAY!

  6. Christina says

    So I sent out a few requests last week and this is the response I got from Cascadian:

    “It is not our policy to simply provide coupons in response to e-mail or to callers upon request.”

    Nice, huh?!

  7. julie says

    Ive emailed huggies because I was having issues signing up and printing their coupons, not even a week later, they sent me four $3 off any huggies product coupons!

  8. Valerie Scott says

    My car was on empty. I pull into the gas station to fill up. They charge me for more than my car holds (confused, but driving away). I notice my car’s still on empty. I tell the manager and she says my gauge is broken. I said, “No, not broken!”. She was so rude and mean to me and refused refund my credit card. I called the police who determine my tank is empty and force her to refund me. She 86ed me from the gas station!!!!!!!! WOW huh? So, I did my homework and contacted the corporate office (this was a chore!). But, well worth it! They reprimanded the manager and sent me three $15.00 coupons for gasoline at their station. I made sure to use each of them when the manager was on duty. When I handed her the last one I said to her, “Now I will take my business elsewhere until the day you no longer work here!” I followed through with my threat and I informed everyone in town of what she did to me. The office also said he’d had problems with this station before and wouldn’t do business with them again. Word of mouth must have shut them down; because, they are no longer in operation!

  9. kristine says

    i followed your advice a few weeks ago when i read about this…i wrote to skinny cow and to bush’s baked beans….and a few others…..but skinny cow sent me a couple coupons in my email back and bush’s sent me a few coupons in the mail….so it does work….i am having a blast with this….i am new to couponing and this helps alot………thanks

  10. karina says

    i took your advice too, but also because i bought a pack of huggies jeans diapers at cvs this week and when i look inside the pack i found a coupon which got me super happy when i looked on the expiration date it said 12/1/10 boohh i got so disappointed ,so i emailed them telling them that i love their product and that i was disappointed about the expired coupon. I wonder if i hear from them this week :)i`ll keep you posted

  11. Heidi says

    I emailed Oregon Chai Tea telling them how much I LOVE their chai tea and how I take it on vacation with me because I can’t go without… lol!!! anyway, they mailed me a pack of 10 $1 off coupons!!! Yea!!!

  12. Jennifer says

    El Monterrey Foods will send out coupons as well with quick response. Last time I got 1 meal completely free, one for $2 off any product, $1 off any and .50! really good deal.

  13. Mary O says

    I got alot of good responses from companies like Turkey Hill, Entemenn’s, Johnsonville, smithfield, Martin rolls, Adam & Eve juice, Bumble Bee tuna, Florida’s Natuaral Orange juice.

  14. Kris says

    Try Hormel. I’ve gotten several coupons and a free cookbook from them. They only send them once, but they sent me several for free products and several more for a good discount! Good luck!

  15. leslie says

    would be great to be able to get coupons in the mail. None of the stores in my home town take printed coupons anymore. They say they are too easy to counterfeit.

  16. says

    Turkey Hill so far has been one of the best for me in terms of coupons by mail. Within a few days of my sending them a message I got $5 worth of coupons from them for different items. So far I’ve also gotten ones from Pepperidge Farm and Perdue. Thanks for the tips on other sites to go to! Contacting these places is definitely proving to be a worthwhile rainy day activity!

  17. Maria says

    You can aslo email Applo the dog food company, if you have a dog and thank them if you like there products and they sent me 2 one dollar off coupons for treats or wet dog food.

  18. Shawnda says

    I have also tried this and got many good responses! Although I have learned not to ask for coupons just complement their product! My statement to them is usually “To whom it may concern, I love (product name here) and (I keep talking about the product!) Thanks, (my name)” on the companies you recieved an email saying they didn’t just send out coupons if your MSG would have looked like mine they would have sent them! I have had a success with so many companies I cannot name them all!

  19. Becky says

    I have emailed many companies, letting them know I liked their product. Only for products my family will actually use. Yes some of them never send you anything, or say they don’t send out coupons, to look in the Sunday paper. But the companies you do hear from make the time you spend emailing them worth your while. I have not had one day in almost a year that I haven’t received at least one coupon from somewhere. Either from a friend or family member that won’t use that product, the mail, email, a store, etc. Don’t give up just because you only wrote 2 companies and you didn’t get anything. Like I said, it WILL pay off, if you keep at it.

  20. Ashley Fontenot says

    My positives (being coupons inthe mailbox) lately have been Maurchan (spell check) ramen noodles, crayola, malt o meal, jiffy, michelina, hot pockets crisco, scrubbing bubbles, hillshire farms, & fresh express.

  21. Rosie says

    I recently requested some coupons by mail from the list you provided. All sent coupons by mail which is a big plus being a single mom of two.
    I simply asked in the emai if they sent coupons out by mail for their products. Some replied by email as well as sending coupons, others just simply mailed the coupons.
    I’ve emailed many more companies since then and I have received for Crisco, Bounce, McCormick, Heinz, Mt. Olive & Aleve. And I’m still awaiting more in the mail.
    It may be a little time consuming emailing companies but I do it late in the evening or early morning. It’s been well worth it because not only have I benefited from these coupons but so have my sister & sister in law.

  22. Amy says

    most companies will not just give you coupons if you just request them. however, i have found the easiest way to receive them is to simply mail or e-mail them feedback about their products you have used. in most cases you will receive coupons for doing so. whether you give them positive or negative feedback, it usually does not matter. i believe in either case you will receive them because if you give a positive feedback they will send them in hopes you will stay loyal to the product and if you give a negative one (in most cases) they will be willing to give you coupons to right the wrong… if you have a printer you can simple search for printable ones. there are several places that will provide them!

  23. Rebekah says

    Hello Everyone,

    where can i find website that i can sign up to have then send me coupons in the mail ? I like old fashion because I can’t afford to buy ink all the time. u know what i mean?

    Please let me know and thank you.

  24. Candace Barnard says

    Me & my husband are hard workers, and I just want to get as much as coupons by mails to save more , can u help me?








  27. Leona Thorne says

    Can you please send me coupons at this address 509 Creitz Rd Petersburg West Virginia

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