White Cloud Baby Wipes $.50/pack at Walmart

If you are planning a trip to Walmart you might check your June and July issues of All You magazine.  Inside there are coupons for $1 off any White Cloud item.

Walmart sells packs of White Cloud baby wipes for $1.50- so just $.50 after coupon!

You can see the Shop for Free list for Walmart here.

(Thanks Deal Seeking Mom)


  1. Karen says

    I don’t like shopping at my Walmart with coupons….I always get a hassle….with these I got…..”well, you didn’t even buy this toilet paper” and I showed her that the wording said “any white cloud product” and told her I bought 2 baby wipes….she looks at the very next coupon which was the 2nd white cloud coupon and says, “well did you get 2 of them”. Yes, I said and she pushed that through with a huff. I then had a coupon for a B1G1 free offer (can’t remember what for)….but the free value item was up to $4.99. When she scanned it, it only took off $1.75, I asked her why it took off only $1.75 when it cost $3.48 (or something close) anyhow she said “because the coupon says it’s only up to $4.99: and I said “why did it only take off $1.75″ and again she says “”because the coupon says it’s only up to $4.99″….”oh, wait”. She then called the manager who told her to just take off the difference…she asked the manager if she could tell her what the difference was…..anyhow, long story short, when all was said and done, they ended up giving me $1.00 extra for each coupon….whatever.

    So as always at Walmart, watch those coupons closely, at least for me.

    Just wanted to share, I found it funny.

  2. asela minnick says

    Please help! Most walmarts are out of the white cloud soft clothes and I am desperate. Anyone who knows where I can order them online. Please let me know

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