Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shred DVD $6.99 Shipped

If you are like me and recently traumatized by swimsuit shopping, you might be interested to note that Amazon has some fantastic deals on work out videos right now.

Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred is priced at $6.99 and shipping is free with Prime or a $25 order.

Jillian and I actually have a date this Friday to kick my bum into shape.  Hopefully I live through it.

There are actually a ton of DVDs available and the prices are hard to beat.  You can see a list of Workout DVDs from Amazon here.

Oh one thing to note… Jillian uses a four letter word in one portion of the DVD.  Some of you were offended during the holidays about that, so you might look for another DVD if that will bother you.



  1. Cyan B says

    I just did the 30-day shred for the first time this morning. (I rented it thru netflix on DVD to try it out before I bought it.) I went online to Walmart and bought it for 6.96 (free shipping to store) about an hour before I read this post. I also bought Yoga Meltdown for 7.96. The workout kicks your butt, but it’s supposed to do wonders… Also, as an FYI for anyone reading this, it takes about 10 minutes to get through the stuff at the beginning before you can actually work out, so a 20 minute workout actually takes 30 minutes.

  2. Charlene says

    Cyan, if you buy from Amazon they have an instant download so you can watch it immediately. But good to know on Walmart :)

  3. Tosca says

    Hi, thanks for all the great posts! If you get a chance I would love to hear if you feel like this DVD works for you. I’m interested in dropping some lbs. and was thinking about picking up a workout DVD. I was interested in the Metamorphosis by Tracy but don’t want to shell out 90 bucks.

  4. amy says

    This dvd is awesome!!! I can’t do it anymore because I’m pregnant, but my husband does it 5 times a week and has lost 40 pounds! And he only does level 1!

  5. momto3 says

    If you have Comcast, the 30 day shred (well level 1 sometimes 2) is on Exercise TV under the Sports and Fitness Category. They also have her Blast Fat, Boost Metabolism on there as well and that is a MAJOR butt kicker. Did shred this morning–love it because it incorporates strength and cardio and under 30 min so its realistic with the kiddos home!

  6. momto3 says

    ETA: Was the 4 letter word in the SHRED dvd??? I’ve done all 3 levels for the past 2 months and havent noticed it–maybe I was too busy using 4-letter words myself to notice!! 😉

  7. Charlene says

    Mom- I watched it twice because readers were asking about it over the holidays. If I remember it was actually 3 letters and started with A :)

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