Giveaway: $2000 Cash Prizes (8 Winners)

Well I have a new giveaway to announce and this one is crazy big.  I am working with 9 other bloggers and we have pulled together a $2,000 cash prize giveaway.

This one is only for Facebook fans but not to worry if you don’t have a Facebook account.  I am working very hard on a big giveaway that will be open to everyone that reads My Frugal Adventures.

There will be 8 winners total for this giveaway:

  • 3 winners get $500 cash!
  • 5 winners get $100 cash!

I know $500 would go a long way in this house!  To enter to win takes just a second of your time.

  1. Head over to My Frugal Adventures on Facebook.
  2. Click the Enter $2000 Giveaway tab on the left sidebar.
  3. You will need to quickly like 10 blog sites.
  4. Once that is done just check the confirmation box and enter your name and address.

And that is it!  The contest ends 7/8.

Now I realize 10 blogs is a lot of information to have on your news feed.  Hopefully you like all the sites participating, but if not just look for a small X in the upper right corner of any updates you see from a site you have liked.  You can click that and choose to hide all posts from that page.  You will still be able to visit that site’s wall but you won’t have the posts streaming on your news feed each day.

This contest is in no way associated, administered, sponsored or endorsed by Facebook.  When you provide your information on the form, you are providing it to each of the blogs and not to Facebook.  The information collected is done so only in order to contact the winner.  No purchase is necessary.

You can leave any comments or questions below but remember the only way to enter to win is on Facebook.



  1. says

    LOVE how easy it was to enter! Thanks for the chance to win! And thanks for the lead on other helpful facebook pages to follow! You’re awesome! =]

  2. Ashley says

    Oh how I’d love to plop this on our credit cards!! We’re getting soooo close to paying them off!

  3. nerisa says

    Great way to make it easier on contestants to like all the bloggers. Thanks for the great opportunity bloggers and for your help in couponing! God Bless!

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