Free Seattle’s Best Coffee Coupon (6/5 SS)

It looks like some very lucky people will get a free can of Seattle’s Best coffee coupon in their SmartSource inserts tomorrow.

This will likely be a very regional coupon- meaning most people won’t get it- but I really hope I do!  I love these things!

Be sure to check your insert before you buy any extra papers and let us know if you do get it.  These are about $1.49 at Target for the single cans.


  1. Jennifer K says

    SS for Dallas-Ft.Worth from Dallas Morning News does not have this coupon.

  2. Jacki says

    How would I tell if my inserts are regional or not? What areas are regional?

  3. Charlene says

    Jacki- regional means that some cities will get the coupon and some will not. I have no idea which cities will get exactly which coupons.

  4. Melissa says

    oh please, please, sacramento bee have this coupon. If I can get these for free it stops me from wanting to stop at starbucks and dip into our families going out money.

  5. Jose says

    @Jacki, I live in SF bay area, San Mateo to be exact, San Mateo County Times and San Jose Mercury News are exactly the same papers, they just differ in the name, there is always one box of San Mateo County Times and one of San Jose Mercury News together, they cost the same 1.00 , then San Jose Mercury News has more and better coupons always.
    I think it is because San Mateo County is much expensive(gas, rent, food, etc.) than Santa Clara County.

  6. Jacki says

    Thank you Jose and Charlene. Melissa no luck. Sac Bee did not have it.

  7. michelle aponte says

    iam from the philadelphia area and i got my coupon whooo. also Amanda from philadelphia if you ever wanted to meet and go shopping together i will be happy to.

  8. Whitney says

    Modesto CA didnt get it….we didnt get the 2.00 off seatles best either!

  9. Endcapps says

    Contra Costa Times home delivery SS got it. Free single can up to $1.79, x8/7/11 & a $2 off any iced latte 4pk, x8/7/11. Seattle’s going up against Illy. lol.
    (on the spine of my SS insert, it says “supplement to Davis Enterprise, Vallejo Times Herald, Vacaville Reporter, Walnut Creek CC Times” HTH

  10. Suszy says

    Yay! I got it! I was trying to not get my hopes up because I hate when they get dashed. :( Which flavor is the best?

  11. Erika Meusch says

    Hey Portland Oregon got them! I went dumpster diving today and got 27 of them! Haha i dont know whether or not to feel proud of myself

  12. Melissa says

    poop, I hate the sacramento bee…they never have the good coupons. Do we have options for another newspaper here in sac?

  13. Mandy says

    Erika how do you go dumpster diving? I’m interested in doing it, but don’t really know how to.

  14. Holly says

    The Des Monies Register in Iowa had them but the Cedar Rapids Gazette did not. Did you get one Charlene?

  15. Charlene says

    No. I think I was the only one that was cheated 😛 I have been wondering what to do with the $15 credit to Ebay from awhile back so I might just buy a batch of them.

  16. Jose says

    Like i said before San Mateo County Times has not good coupons, San Jose Mercury News had Free Coffee, also had .75 colgate toothpaste and .75 colgate tooth brush and 3 off bic razor 😛 … So, San Mateo County Times has none of that, dont buy SMCT is not worth!

  17. Laura says

    Just found the coupon on Facebook. Like them and get $1.50 off off a 4pk coupon. Don’t forget to hit back twcie to get a second coupon to print!

  18. Janette says

    I have 4 free iced latte coupons but the Target in CT doesn’t sell them. Anyone know where I can redeem my coupon — and if I can get 4 of them at one time or do I have to do seperate transactions…

  19. evelina says

    NY had these coupons. I have 4 and I can not find a store that carries this item. I want my freebies.

  20. Decy says

    I checked at Target when these first came out and they did’n have any so I pretty much forgot about them untill TONIGHT! Brousing through frys I spoted them in the coffee section and used the 2 q’s I had in my binder. It just so happens that the 6/5 ss is my biggest collection of inserts due to the awsome John Frieda qs so next shopping trip I am stocking up on FREE coffee. I don’t even drink the stuff but the hubs and my bff do!

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