Extreme Couponing: Using the Coupon Database

We had a little conversation about this a few weeks ago on the My Frugal Adventures Facebook page.  There are lots of you that might not be aware of a fantastic resource that is available on My Frugal Adventures.

You can utilize the free coupon database at any time and find any coupons you might need in just a few seconds.

So let me start by telling you how to find it.  You can bookmark the coupon database or just look for the box pictured above on the right sidebar —–> and click.

To use the database is very simple.  You simply enter what it is you need and all the available coupons will pop up.  So if you are interested in Grey Poupon Mustard, you might type in “Grey Poupon” or “Grey Poupon Mustard.”  I tend to play with how specific I am.  If I am looking for a Colgate Total coupon I might try Colgate, Colgate Total, or Colgate Toothpaste and see what I get.

When I searched for Grey Poupon (by typing that in and clicking on Search), I can see only one result.  It shows me the description of the coupon (Grey Poupon mustard), the value of the coupon, the date it expires, and the source.  Sometimes you find printable coupons, you will see a link that you can click to go directly to where the coupon is located to print it out.  In this case the Grey Poupon coupon says source “SS 6/12/11″ and that simply means the coupon is inside the 6/12 SmartSource insert.

Now if I wanted to do more of a general search, I could type in “Mustard” instead.  Now that is going to give me lots more options:

If you find that you have a popular product with a lot of results, you do want to note how many pages are listed:

This is at the top of the results and again at the bottom.  If there are multiple pages of coupons you might want to be sure to check each page.

You do want to make sure to note if a store is listed- all the monthly coupons for Walgreens and Rite Aid as well as the Target coupons are often listed in the database.  Don’t waste your time looking at coupons that are specific to Walgreens if you are planning your Kroger shopping trip.

Once you are more comfortable using the database, you can also click on the Advanced Search link and start narrowing down precisely what you want.  If you are a new couponer, you might want to narrow down under “Type” and just look for printable coupons.  Maybe you just want a coupon for a specific value- you can click on “value” to see tons of options.  Maybe you want to find just store coupons.  Click on “Store” and you can search by Walgreens, Target, Publix etc.. etc…

So this really is a great tool to use when you are planning your shopping trips.  I use the coupon database numerous times a day.

A few notes that I do want to make about the database in general:

  • If there was a Grey Poupon coupon released in a specific insert and Arizona got $.50/1, Chicago got $1/1 and Georgia got $1/3- well sometimes the database will have all three listed and sometimes just one of those coupons.  Because it is listed in the database as $1/1 doesn’t necessarily mean that is the exact coupon that your newspaper will have.  You will still have to double check your inserts and see.
  • Some regional coupons are not listed in the database.  The one specifically that makes me nuts is Golden Grain pasta.  That is a very regional product and the coupons are never listed in the database- so keep in mind just because a coupon isn’t listed doesn’t mean it isn’t available.
  • And finally, just remember this database was built and is maintained by human beings.  So there are sometimes errors in the database- like when a recent coupon was listed as “Fruity Pebbles” which you would assume was the cereal and the coupon was actually for Fruity Pebbles Treats which is very different.  Obviously that was a mistake that was made when entering the coupon.  There is usually a bit of a delay in how quickly the coupons are updated.  For example, when I did the grocery store ads on Tuesday, the coupons from the prior Sunday insert still had not been entered in.  And also printable coupons can change at any time.  So if you see a link to a coupon there is always the chance it has been removed, is out of prints etc…

Overall I think this is a great resource and I have found it very simple to use.

If anyone has questions about the database feel free to ask in the comments below!

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  1. Rachel R. says

    I use your coupon database all the time! It’s a great resource to have, thanks!!

  2. Stephanie says

    OMG! How did I not know about this? I had seen that on the right side of the screen and assumed it was just advertising or something?? I feel like a DORK. I check your blog several times a day. The database might be my new obsession:-)

  3. merrie says

    Thank you so much for posting this. I have been using your blog for over a year now and had no idea this exsisted. I’m so happy I learned something new!

  4. Jeanneth L says

    Thank you so much for all this information. After watching “Extreme Couponing” I became motivated to do this. I just wish I had done this 15 years ago when I have my 5 kids at home, now there’s only myself, my husband, 14yo daughter and our dog! I do plan on using this to benefit out church members. Again, thank you!

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