CVS: $5/20 Deal Ideas


As promised, here are a few deal ideas if you were lucky enough to get that $5/20 CVS coupon today.

Deal Idea with this week’s ad items:

Buy 1 Schick Razor at $8.00
Buy 1 Zyrtec at $5.99
Buy 1 Motrin at $4.00
Buy 1 Bayer Advanced Aspirin at $3.00
Subtotal $20.99
Use $5/20 CVS coupon
Use $4/1 Schick coupon from 6/12 SS
and Use $5.00 Zyrtec coupon
and use $2/1 Bayer from 6/12 SS
and Use $1/1 Motrin coupon from 6/12 SS or printable
Pay $3.99 + tax and get back $4 in ECB for the Schick, $5.99 in ECB for Zyrtec, $3 in ECB for Motrin, $1 ECB for the Bayer- that is a total of $13.99 back.

Another idea with John Frieda:

Buy 1 Zyrtec at $5.99
Buy 2 John Frieda shampoo at $5.00
Buy 1 Motrin at $4.00
Buy 1 small filler item to hit $20
Subtotal $19.99
Use $5/20 CVS coupon
Use $5/1 Zyrtec coupon
Use $1/1 Motrin coupon
Use (2) $2/1 John Frieda from 6/5 SS
Pay $4.99 + tax and get back $11 in ECB and get back $5.99 ECB, $3 ECB, $3 ECB for a total of $11.99 back!

If your store starts sales on Saturday night (most of them do):

Buy 1 Zyrtec at $5.99
Buy 1 Hershey’s Bliss at $5.99
Buy 5 Powerade at $1
Buy 1 Motrin at $4.00
Subtotal $20.98
Use $5/20 CVS coupon
Use $5 Zyrtec coupon
Use $1 Hershey’s coupon from 5/1 SS
Use $1 Powerade coupon
Use $1 Motrin coupon
Pay $7.98 and get back $5.99, $5.99, $2, $3 for a total of $16.98 back!

You can mix and match a million ways, I just tried to think of items people might be most interested in.

I would for sure have a plan B ready because I suspect Zyrtec will be sold out in many stores. The Motrin is an easy one and that has a limit of 3.

I also wanted to mention starting next week Zhu Zhu pets are priced at $2.00 each at CVS- if you shop on Saturday night you could add those into your scenario.

See this week’s CVS coupon deals here and see the Shop for Free list for next week here.


  1. monica says

    if anyone needs diapers, they can get the huggies box w/ a small filler item.

    use the $5 in the paper, then the $3 for the diapers (NLA) and get $4ecbs

  2. Suszy says

    Just curious if anyone knows for sure if you can use a percent off coupon with this deal. I just got one in an email and I read the fine print, which only says that you can’t use two percent off coupons in a transaction. But I just thought I’d check all you experienced couponers. Thanks for any help in advance!

  3. Jose says

    Has anyone used the 5/20 with ECB’s? I can read the fine print and says can’t be used with other CVS coupons… :S , also, Charlene, FYI if you pay at CVS after 9:00 pm you will not get this week ad offers(like the zyrtec 5.99 and get 5.99 ECB’s one), you will get next week offers only.
    I coulded confirm what I’m saying a few weeks ago, i was buying shick razor that came with 10 ECB’s with the purchase of $25 of them, i remember was like 9:30 pm and at the time to pay they ring at a higher price and got not ECB’s , of course i returned them, then when heading out of the store i saw the new ad, so, went back and got the new items on sale and got all the ECB’s, i asked the cashier why was that happening, and she had not idea. I think it is because they use the East Coast Time Zone on their ad offers. ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. MADELINE says

    Do you think you can “double dip” on the Schick deal if you buy it later Saturday night seeing theyre’ BOGO next week?

  5. Rie says

    How do you know if a store’s sale activates sat night? Do you price check the items? Is it usually around closing time? TIA

  6. Charlene says

    Jose- the ECBS can always be used with coupons. Those are a form of payment not a coupon. What that means is that you can’t stack 2 $/$$ CVS coupons together. Like a $5/20 and a 30% off coupon. I have shopped around 9.30 before and not had problems but who knows… I would think they could correct any problems though- they have to honor prices through Saturday.

  7. Endcapps says

    I’m happy with today’s $5/$20 transaction. My niece is a ballerina who uses false eyelashes (MM w/Qs), so I did:
    1–Zyrtec… $5.99
    2–Kiss Premium Eyelashes… 2 x $3.99
    1–Crest Whitening+Scope, 2.7oz… $2.32 (shelf tag said $2.54)
    1–Irish Spring, 2pk… $1.00
    1–Gallon Milk… $3.19
    subtotal: $20.48
    used coupons:
    $5/$20, $5 Zyrtec MQ, 2 ($2) Kiss Eyelashes printable from website MQ, $1 Irish Spring CVS Q from Reinventing Beauty Magazine, $5 ECB from Beauty Club tracking
    paid: $.48 plus CA tax
    got back:
    $13.99 total ECBs…$5.99 Zyrtec, $5 Kiss Eyelashes, $2 Crest, $1 green bag, so around $8.50 MM. I decided to save my snail mail Free Zyrtec MQ to use somewhere else to maximize its $7 value, since Charlene posted yesterday’s $5 printable. The Crest deal I just noticed on shelf tags, so that’s a good $0.32 filler item (lim 2). The Irish Spring ends up free (lim 1 with RIB Q) & is a useful filler item.

    I’m thinking of going in Saturday night around 9pm to do the new ad deals and redeem my other $5/20. Thx for the info re: Saturday nights.

  8. rick says

    Surprisingly I found ALL items from the first scenario. About 50 Zyrtecs left…and at checkout i got another surprise…a 3 day $5 off $10!!!! Awesome! Thanks for the scenario idea.

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