Where to Send Expired Coupons….


I know lots of you might be sorting through all those coupons that expired 4/30.  I haven’t posted about this in a long time but you can take those coupons and send them to military bases overseas.  Many military members stationed overseas don’t have access to coupons and they can use them at the commissary after they have expired.

So this is a very simple thing to do to support our military and their families.  They can use the coupons up to 3 months after they expire.

You can send your coupons to the Overseas Coupon Program.  You will need to fill out a very short form to adopt a base and then you will hear from someone with the details of where you can send your coupons.

(Thanks Penny Pinchin Mom!)



  1. Amy says

    Do you have to be an “organization”? I’m just one person, but I could easily get my sisters and mother involved with the same base that I pick.

  2. Sylvie says

    The website says the coupons shouldn’t be more than two months past the expiration date when they are sent but they can use them up to six months after they expire. :)

  3. Lauren says

    Thank you! We are a Marine family and I just filled out the form to adopt a base overseas to send coupons. Coupons help us tremendously so I’m happy to help

  4. Lisa Meyer says

    WOW… I had no idea! I just trashed a handfull earlier today – I will definitely do this instead in the future!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. judy says

    This is so great, I have tryed to give these coupon to friends and co workers, and no one never was interested in using the coupons. Thank you so much for advertising this . I will now once a month be sending these coupons to or service men and their families. Gosh this is so great. thank you again.

  6. Amy K says

    My walmart takes expired coupons too… I wonder if it’s b/c I live in a military town, my hubbs is in the army, but I never have a problem using expired coupons!

  7. joann says

    In my town, I believe the local VFW collects expired coupons for the military. It saves postage to drop them off!

  8. kadie says

    I used to mail mine overseas. The base would send me thank you notes every so often. Although it was SO time consuming I had to stop in general, I didn’t mind paying the postage. They wanted all coupons cut and sorted into sections. For how many coupons I had and all that cutting I would spend at least 3 hours cutting and sorting….They don’t want any staples or paper clips, but it would be easier to put them in an evelope anyways.

    If you are going to send them overseas what I would do is save the envelopes for the credit card offers, etc, in the mail and reuse those for my sections and then tape them shut. I used to do that.

    Good luck everyone!

  9. says


    From what I understand, yes they can redeem the printed ones too. They can not redeem the store specific coupons however, so the Target ones are no good.

    It’s really an awesome program, I have some friends that are able to benefit, and they are very grateful! :)

  10. Christy says

    Very excited…I just adopted one in Schweinfurt, Germany which is were we were staioned back in 1997. I can’t wait to start sending them!!!

  11. karen says

    just filled an huge manila envelope. i’m going to try to send this as “media mail” to save on postage. wish me luck. will keep everyone posted on the amt of postage.

    i didn’t read anywhere on their site that they didn’t want staples or that they wanted them sorted (as per above email from someone)…cuz i stapled and didn’t sort:( just made it easier on cutting…

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