New Coupons: Old El Paso, French’s Mustard, Taco Bell

There are a few more coupons I wanted to mention:

Old El Paso $.60/3 coupon– this should make seasoning packets very inexpensive.

You can also get a $.75/1 French’s Honey Mustard coupon.

My Target has 2 packs of yellow mustard and honey mustard for $1.47- so .72 for 2 after coupon!  (They look like this but the price went up a little since I last posted.)

And there is a $.75/2 Taco Bell coupon available.  The sauce and taco shells are about $1.00 at Walmart- so about .62 per item after coupon!  (Walmart has a creamy dressing too for $1.50 that is good on Taco Salads!)

**I found all of these with zip code 90210**


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