1. Charlene says

    Amanda I have no information other than what is posted :) They are doing system upgrades and I have no idea how this will resolve itself or when.

  2. Jennifer Zollars says

    I have been having problems off and on with Brick coupons (they print just like and every time I try to send a request to their company for help (again goes to it lets me put all my issues in- and then says “we must be busy adding new coupons and cannot process your request.”
    Any idea where i can get help? It says something about needing to turn off saved prints on my printer- but then only gives windows instructions and I have a mac…. has also been quite frustrating for me recently…trying not to get too discouraged!

  3. anna says

    they are all printing except that redplum reached the limit of the ones i needed. asked for reset but who knows. but is printing new ones.

  4. Melanie P. says and Bricks both don’t work on my Macbook. When I emailed them, they sent me a super secret link to download the coupon printer…for Windows. *face palm* I googled it, and it seems like there was a security update for Macs last FALL and hasnt done anything to upgrade their printer to work with it.

  5. sarah says

    This is my first time trying out couponing, and I have also been using a mac and not been able to figure out how to print some of the coupons. I get instructions how to print from a windows computer. Can someone please help me figure out how to print some of the coupons ie: the lysol coupons, or the aquafresh coupon.

    thanks, sarah

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