Walmart: Updated Price Matching Policy

Walmart has updated the price matching policy.  They are no longer requiring the actual ad from a competitor to be presented in order to get a price match.

Here is the information directly from the press release Walmart issued:

Strongest Ad Match Policy in the Market

The company’s ad match policy is the most competitive in the market, eliminating the need to shop around to save money. To make it easier for customers, Walmart has:

·         Simplified guidelines: Customers do not have to bring in a competitor’s advertisement. If customers find a lower advertised price, we’ll match it at the register.*

*Walmart will match the price of any local competitor’s printed ad for an identical product. Not applicable to Restrictions apply. See store for details.”

You can see the press release and the new nationwide commercials they are broadcasting here.

So naturally I asked if you don’t have an actual ad, how can you prove the price is lower somewhere else?  I was told that the cashiers are expected to have a pile of ads available at the registers that they can refer to in order to give you the price match.

So while I do think this is another great step by Walmart to simplify things for consumers, I am a little skeptical about how this will actually work in stores.

I rarely shop at Walmart so I’d love to hear how this unfolds for those of you that shop there regularly.  Do the cashiers really have a stack of ads available?  I have a hard time believing they will be that organized at every single register but hopefully I am wrong and this turns into an even easier process than it already is.

You can read about the coupon policy at Walmart here and see a list of coupon deals for Walmart here.


  1. RD says

    It’s been several years since I’ve price matched at Walmart, but they used to keep local competitors ads at the registers to price match. It was still easier if I brought my own. Not to mention the hassle the cashiers made you feel like you were causing. It was just easier to drive 45 minutes and shop at Target. We have a K-mart close by. I’ll have to check into their policies.

  2. Crystal says

    I’m disappointed in Walmart. On my last trip I was told at the register that my store was no longer accepting BOGO coupons, Free item coupons, OR printed Internet coupons. To top it off the Manager refused to speak with me and made the cashier explain it all. Now I’m making the extra 15min drive to the nearest Target. Like I said, I’m so disappointed and I won’t be back. (my local Walmart store is in Antelope, CA)

  3. Leah says

    Both of my walmarts do have the ads, but if it’s not one they have, they won’t match it. I guess now they have to.

  4. Beth says

    I know I have shopped at a few walmarts where they would have all the store adds on a metal ring connected by a stretching cord of sorts at each register so you could find what you needed and show your cashier. Really don’t see every store taking the time to do this every week though. but it works at the stores I have seen it at. We’ll see what happens. I personally prefer not to shop at walmart!!

  5. Ashley says

    I was just there last night doing my grocery shopping, I am new to the couponing but have been price matching at wal-mart for about 2 years now. Last night I had all my prices written down in my price match book, I just read them outloud to the cashier as she scanned each item and she adjusted the price for me. Then at the end of the transaction a manager had to come over and verify and use a key to allow my transaction to go through. It was different for the manager to be involved, but I have not been bringing in my ads for a long time and they have been matching the prices for me anyways. Maybe becuase I am a regular there, I’m not sure. I am seriously there about 3 times a week.
    Hapy Shopping!

  6. anna says

    i don’t know why walmart is trying so hard getting customers in. their uneducated(policy wise) employees kicks us out with rudeness and stupidity. “they told me not to accept printed coupons” then don’t print out “we gladly accept internet coupons” not to mention swallowing the overage.

  7. rawfoodgal says

    Personally, I find this new change in policy laughable. I have close to zero expectation that my local store will stock more than one or two (if *any*) of the local ads. When I do shop there in the future, I’ll bring the ad(s) with me–but I’ll expect to be disappointed…mainly because if they don’t have the ads easily at hand, they’ll claim they can’t (and so won’t) match the prices.

    As negative as my attitude is of Walmart in this comment, that has no bearing on my appreciation and love for this blog. I appreciate all these posts and everything you do to help save us cash-strapped gals (and guys) some cash! :)

  8. Shuchi says

    I do not understand how this will work out. For cashiers who could never adjust down a coupon, now they want to adjust every coupon down – and not giving the overage.
    I guess they should hand printed ads at every register like they used to.

  9. ann b says

    just like Ashley says I have the prices also written down and have told the cashier and they just adjust it

  10. liz anderson says

    I shopped today and had 2 price match items from 2 different stores. The Clerk put it through, no questions asked, no manager approval and no looking for anything.

    Now, they were hesitant to take my $.55/2 Egg Board Internet coupon — that needed a Papal Blessing.

  11. Aimee says

    I have been price matching for about 2 years as well, and I have never had to bring my ads in, and they never check. Wal-mart is so easy here in AZ!

  12. says

    When we first got our Super Walmart 7-8 years ago, they had the ads on a ring at about every other register and at customer service. But that fell by the wayside a few years ago. So I just made a habit of bringing my own ads with me.
    I had not price matched in a long time, probably 2 years, until last week. I used 3 or 4 different ads and had NO problem. It was really nice. And I haven’t had problems with coupons in a long time either, save one cashier. I noticed she had been moved to the front door as a greeter. So maybe I’m not the only one she brought to tears.
    Wal Mart gets a bad rap, but over all they are a good store with good prices. That’s enough for me since I don’t like our Target AT ALL.
    My Target is very coupon un-friendly, you must present an original receipt for any return, no gift receipts are accepted and to price match you pretty much have to offer up a first born. Not worth it in my book. So WM gets my business.

  13. Charlene says

    Anna- in my experience a back to basics service with a smile training program would be very helpful :) I’d rather have higher prices and not walk out the door ready to punch someone in the face myself 😛

  14. Kirsten says

    My local store doesn’t ask for the ad unless it’s a big price difference. They have a bulletin board up in the front with each competitor’s ad hung up every week. I write all the different price matches in a notebook and just go through my list when I check out. I still prefer to take my own ads in with me so I can quickly point out any prices they question….

  15. Hanna says

    My Walmart is very friendly and helpful. They never give me trouble if I don’t have an ad with me and they usually do have a stack of ads to check. They have amazing customer service and really help with coupons! (Show Low, AZ)

  16. malissa says

    I don’t even want to try when it comes to Wal-Mart!!!!!!!! I rather go to target. They did not even let me used 2 same coupons( $2 blue bunny ) they said I can’t use 2 the same coupons even though it has differences names on it but when I shown them their store coupon policy that I printed their responded was ” the store has difference policy from the online policy” they made people looked at me like I was a criminal. I would never go back there ever again LOL :) I’ve learned my lesson ha ha ha….

  17. cjs says

    Crystal…try the Walmart on Pleasant Grove (if it isn’t too far out of your way)…they never question any of my coupons (printed/BOGO)…AND they take expired coupons! I just went there Sunday…and as much as I was dreading it (WalMart not being my favorite store)…I saved $20 – and the cashier was nice (bonus!). Course, that $20 will all be going to gas since it is over $4/gallon now…geez!

  18. anna says

    charlene-i agree that’s why i don’t go to walmart anymore. never liked it anyway cause they were never friendly. they were just all angry looking employess except the hot food section-this is roseville super walmart. funny how sam’s club next to is 100% different from them. i already wrote coporate word by word what happened(i guess i don’t care if they care anyway.) no wonder i live at target(even before starting couponing) i will give them a try again, different location, but without price matching; it’s just unrealistic. cashiers struggle enough with mqs.

  19. Kristen says

    I have never had to have the ad with me to price match. Most of the time they don’t even bother asking the store. If they question me I just tell them I looked up the store ads online and that is good enough for them.

  20. Amy says

    CJS – I also have had good experiences at the Walmart at Pleasant Grove. The cashier wouldn’t take a coupon that had recently expired, but she suggested that I talk to customer service. The customer service person was SO nice! She just laughed about not accepting the expired coupon. She asked me, “do you know where the coupons go when they leave the store? They go to a big warehouse before they are eventually sorted and sent to the manufacturers. By the time they get there, they’re probably all expired!” She took my coupons and was very nice.
    The self-checkout lady at Lead Hill is also very nice (although a manager was a total b*****).

  21. Kristen says

    and Malissa. I would call Walmart and complain about the service you received. There was no reason for them to not take your coupons and the policy is for the stores. I mean why would they need an online coupon or price match policy when you can’t use coupons online?

  22. malissa says

    Yes, I did call Kristen but I’ve never heard from them again after one of customer service told me the manager will be contacting in a couple days. They ignored me! after all I am just a customer.

  23. says

    Has anyone else had trouble w/walmart refusing to price match an add & using a MQ? I went there a wk or so ago to match the $3 Quantum Automatic Dispenser price from Best Buy. I also had the $3/off MQ. They hum drummed around & got the CSM to approve price matching the add after thoroughly inspecting the add & the product to make sure they matched-then taking my add & cutting it out-said they needed to keep the add). I then handed her my coupons & when she got to my Quantum Q she said she could not take my coupon & do a price match. Said they could do one or the other. I politely pointed out that their policy doesn’t state such & pulled both out for review. No go. I called cooperate when I got home. The manager said he’d match it & use the q. When I asked what the official policy was he said, “I’ll go ahead & honor it but while the policy does not explicitly say you cannot use both; it does not say you can, either.” Anyone else have thoughts on this? Can you or can’t you? Is it an YMMV?

  24. Kristen says

    That is terrible. I get so tired of the big stores treating us this way and I’m from Walmart country.;-) I had a problem with them once and the manager called me before I even got home and apologized and told me I was right and if I would come back they would fix the problem. If I had other places to shop I would but Walmart is the only store around here that will price match and take internet coupons.

  25. Charlene says

    Jen after all that I would have told them where they can put their stupid dish soap 😛 Honestly. That is just silly- you can price match at Target and use a coupon. I personally feel that certain stores are just going to be a pain no matter what you do. You either have to shop elsewhere or work around the nonsense :( I suppose you can complain to WM corporate but I don’t know how far that will get you.

  26. Chandra says


    I was at Walmart today to do a price match for The Incredibles and Cars Blu-Ray/DVD Combo pack that Best Buy is doing and they told me they could only do it if I had the actual ad with me, which I did but they did require the print ad.

  27. anna says

    wow. pleasant grove walmart i never had good experience except the hot food;; maybe i got unlucky-_-; what i said earlier was at walmart on pleasant grove; maybe i’ll give it another go when i need all you mag ;;;

  28. Claire says

    Walmart is so frustrating. I went to buy Similac ($3.84) and use a $5 coupon. The cashier wouldn’t put it through because it exceeded the item amount. I told her not to worry about it b/c I was causing a riot behind me and went to customer service. After the CS rep spent 5 minutes looking for the coupon policy, I had her read aloud to me that they allow overage and she still said she could only give me the amount of the coupon. She even checked with someone else and said the same. I told her I would be contacting Walmart corporate and telling them that not only do their stores not know their policy but even after reading it, choose not to follow it. I am not giving up though – I need cheap similac! Thanks for letting me vent.

  29. Angel H says

    I had a pretty good experience today at Walmart…hadn’t planned on going there but after shopping at Michaels and Walmart was right next door, I thought, “I wonder their price on grapes” so I didn’t have to make a trip over to Safeway with two kids in tow….the red grapes were $1.88/lb. Safeway has them for $0.99/lb…so I asked someone on the floor-they had no idea about the price match. I went to customer service and after like 10 min there (lady first asked me for my ad…I told her I don’t have the ad that they should have the ads I thought and then she got a manager who was super nice)….all I had to do was tell the cashier and he did the price match without even looking at any ad. :) EASY! I think I’m goign to shop at Walmart next week…see how I do there with my coupons :) YAY Success! (I had to buy like 8 lbs. of grapes to provide to my daughters class for snack tomorrow) :)

  30. Jess says

    So you can price match produce or possible meat prices? That was my concern because they are weighed items, if the registers or cashiers could figure that out. I also am currious if they will honor B1G1 if it has the save up to price on it. I know that they are no longer taking my Target coupons if it is just $$ or cents off an item, it has to be like walgreens coupons that has the price for the item on them. Has anyone priced matched a B1G1 yet?

  31. Melissa F says

    It sure is a great policy and has awesome potential in terms of walmart growing and pushing out the smaller stores. As a busy mom, I love the idea of one stop shopping! Although I wonder how effective it will be if the cashiers are not trained correctly very soon because it can sure take a great idea and turn around into a very frustrating situation real fast. After taking my time to shop today only to be told that I couldnt get a price match cuz the other store required a store card to get the deal, I was very frustrated and ready to ditch my whole order. Instead I just left behind those items that cashier wouldnt match and vowed to get them at the other store. Then come home and search the internet to find out they should have been-*Sigh* I understand it will take some time for them to get it right so in the meantime, i will probably continue multi-store shopping. Take care, ~Melissa
    Oh and as far as their coupon policy, I always have it printed out from their site and in my purse, especially for those cashiers that try to say otherwise. It wont allow me to post the link to print it out, but search walmartstores coupon policy and you should be able to get to their corporate site to print it.

  32. Mona says

    Interesting. I just found out about this. I have a Walmart about 3 miles from here but dread going. I went a few weeks ago when I found out about the overage and it was a pain! The cashier didn’t scan one of my coupons, I forget which one, but the coupon was for like $1/1 and the price of the item was like $1.xx. So she didn’t want to apply it (the manager) saying that, the item would be almost free. But it isn’t, right? Yeah, but the coupon is like, $1 off when the items is more than $1, like $3 or something. Well, it doesnt’ say that in the coupon, it just says off 1 item… Yeah, but that’s almost free. :s

    Question, though, does the price match work on deals like CVS/Rite Aid, where you earn a reward? I know they can’t give you rewards, but like, say the ad says $2.99 and you earn $1+up, it’s like paying $1.99. You know how many ads tell you what the price “is like paying”, would they price adjust to the “like I paid” price? Probably not but I was just wondering.

  33. Charlene says

    No Mona- they won’t match anything like that or any % off. Just a straight deal with a clearly listed price.

  34. Mona says

    I thought so. 😉 It’s good reminder that they price match, I always forget they and Target do. What about the 2/$5 listings, or must it be a single item price. Sorry so many questions.

  35. Vanetti says

    Will WM Price match a bogo ad that states for example: Buy One Get one Free “save up to 6.29″

  36. Walmart employee says

    Here in Washington our stores policy is to match competitor prices if they are in the ad. No you don’t have to have the ads unless its a coupon item then we take the coupons some cashiers have the ads some don’t it has to be brand for brand and the same item same size. We do not match with membership required stores such as Costco. The item has to be in the ad not an in store special. Every store has their own policy and rules it is next to impossible for someone to know ever policy their store has. Having been a cashier I can tell you people often take advantage of our ad match and it can be frustrating on us. Though its not required to have the ads its does make it easier on the cashier.

    If you have an issue with your store I encourage you to call 1-800walmart. I sincerely apologize for those of you who have had a negative experience with our stores.

  37. Babygirl says

    I would like to share what I know with everyone!! I am the manager over the front end. We do price match and use coupons we went through training with all our cashiers and that was in the training! Buy one get one… Only if it has a price, buy one get one coupons ad long as it is a manufacture coupon yes! Reward cards yes they do match and at my store they were told that if the customer has a coupon from walgreens ( for example) we would just take that amount off the price so that we are taking care of our customer!! All store should be doing this! Thanking for shopping at Walmart and give it time it’s new to all of us too!

  38. Olivia says

    Babygirl, I am confused. I went to Walmart last night and purchased toothpaste, toothbrushes and mouth wash. All matched to the final price at the other store. Is this correct or should I return these items?

  39. Cathie says

    I am a Walmart cashier….and in our store…….we are told to “Take the customers word” and honor price matching. No questions asked.

  40. raquel Campos says

    I’m went to Walmart today and I take my match prices from Fiesta supermarket in and Rancho supermarket and they said no no more match prices in stores from the Latin supermarkets only Krogers Tom Tom or some stores around Walmart I’m just wanna know why? or some managers don’t do it please somebody help me I wanna know why do don’t take my much prices ,Walmart rockwall tx

  41. raquel Campos says

    Sorry I’m raquel Campos it’s my new email on top please help to good customer service opt Wal Mart supermarkets for match prices

  42. Bri says

    Call 1-800-Walmart 1800-925-6278 and tell them. If I recall the policy that employees can access says any store within a mile radius. I think its 20 miles but it might be more. If you call the 800 number they will get you results. As far as I know the policy hasn’t changed. I worked for Walmart for a quite a while the policy was pretty liberal. Cashiers can use their discretion for anything under 5.00 over that they have to get a manager. Hope this helps.

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