Schick Hydro $3 off Coupon

The Schick Hydro $3 off coupon is back on Facebook. This one went pretty fast the last time around. Just head over to Facebook and click on “Have a blast” on the left side. Look for the arrow on the right side that says “Get Coupons”.

You can also print a $1 off Schick Hydo Shave Gel coupon.

You can keep your eyes peeled at Target for clearance razors.  Or hold these coupons for NEXT WEEK at CVS when they will be Buy One Get One Free.

Projected price is $9.99
Use (2) $3/1 coupons
Final Price: $3.99 or $2.00 each

These are also Buy One Get One Free this week and next week at Walgreens. I am guessing the price is the same ($9.99/2).

If you need razors, I was looking around to find the best deals and finally found Gillette Fusion razors will be .99 at Rite Aid the week of May 1st.  That is after coupon and +Up.

Thanks Holly!


  1. June says

    Says I already printed it, probably from last time. And I tried around 8:30 pm Tues night. So guess they could be out by now.

  2. Diane says

    Have you noticed the new wording on some coupons that says something like limit 4 at one time? I think this is directly related to that extreme couponing show. I saw somewhere that Kroger is stopping their double coupons. Bet that is from that show too. You need to fly under the radar, not make youself a spectacle.


  3. Brian says

    In regards to the BOGOF on any item,

    If said item costs $1.00 and is BOGOF
    and you have a coupon for the said item which is BOGOF or a coupon that say $1.00 /2 do you get both items for free?
    Does this apply to Rite aid, walgreens and CVS?

    Also to clarify If the offer is Item for $9.00 BOGOF
    So i would pay $9.00 and get 2 items, however i have 2 x coupons for
    $3.00 of one item, does this mean i can use both Coupons, and thus my final price is $3.00 for 2?
    And again does this apply to all 3 pharmacys?


  4. Charlene says

    Brian- not sure I am following all that but I am just going to do a post today on BOGO coupons because I must have answered a million questions this week on these. You can get the coupon policies for Walgreens and Rite Aid under drugstore 101 at the top of the blog. CVS does not have a written policy.

  5. Amy B. says

    How can I use the 2 $3.00 coupons on an item that is BOGO @ CVS? Is that allowed?

  6. Karen says

    Brian and Amy,

    CVS does not have a written policy, like Charlene said but, it has been my experience that they will accept (2) Mfg Coupons on items that are on sale B1G1. If you have a B1G1 coupon for an item that is on sale B1G1, you can use that coupon and get both items for FREE.
    Rite Aid and Walgreen’s policies also state that they will accept (2) Mfg Coupons for items that are one sale B1G1.
    HTH :)


  7. Charlene says

    It is not available yet. I am guessing it will be the P&G coming in May.

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