Lysol Wipes $1.50 Coupon (Free at Rite Aid or .39 at Target/Walmart)


There is a new printable coupon for $1.50 off Lysol wipes.  Now I would not wait to print this if you are a Lysol fan because that is a GREAT coupon.

This week Rite Aid has these priced at $2.50 AND there is a $1/1 ad perk coupon that will make them free!

Even better these are part of the $10 +Up Reward when you spend $30 on cleaning products.

The Lysol wipes are in the Target ad this week for $1.89.  So get them for .39 at Target!  If you don’t care for Target just take that ad into Walmart and ask for a price match to get the same deal!

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  1. momto3 says

    Will the RA coupon allow you to get 2? Or is it only one coupon for one item? ThANKS.

  2. Melissa says

    So do you have to buy 2 or can you just buy one for $2.50? Because you can only have one ad perk coupon, so if you have to buy two it would be $1 for two, right? But even so, $.50 isn’t a bad price!

  3. Brian says

    Question regarding the lysol – you stated
    there is a $1/1 ad perk coupon that will make them free
    I am assuming you would need two of the ad coupons to make it free? however stated on the ad coupon islimit one per customer.
    How do you get around that>?

  4. Amanda says

    Hi! I’m not sure if anyone else noticed this or not (I figured it out by accident today) but, if you have a phone with internet access you can still attempt to print the coupon. You will most likely receive a message that says the coupon program does not support your browser. Then it will give you the option to have the link emailed to you or to have your coupon mailed.

  5. Misty says

    This is a great coupon, but when I try to print it, I get a message that says I have already printed this the number of times allowed. I haven’t printed this coupon, so I’m not sure why it’s doing that.

  6. Charlene says

    Misty- usually when a coupon says that and you have not printed it is because it is simply out of prints for everyone :( These high value coupons tend to have limits that get reached very quickly.

  7. Charlene says

    Brian, if you purchase one the price is $2.50. Use the $1.50/1 printable coupon and stack it with the $1/1 ad perk coupon and it is free. Just because it says 2/$5 doesn’t mean you need to purchase 2.

  8. Charlene says


    If I click here it takes me to the Lysol Facebook page. If you can not see Lysol, I would go to and search for Lysol.

    You will need to like them and then in bright blue it says get $1.50 coupon.

    click that and it opens a new link that allows you to print the coupon. If you click and no link appears you might need to turn off your pop up blocker.

  9. Charlene says

    Momto3- I believe you are only supposed to get one ad perk per household. I have never tried to use more than one so I can’t say it if works. I just stick to the one per person rule.

  10. Katherine says

    Dollar General’s ad has Lysol Wipes 3/$5 I think.
    So after buying 3 and using 3 q’s, your total should be 50 cents.
    I’m gonna try this tomorrow :)
    I LOVE lysol wipes. I don’t buy any other brand.

  11. Delia says

    This is a general question about coupon printing. I am wondering how you can make all coupons print in B&W. I changed my actual printer setting to B&W and Fast Draft to save ink but somehow it still prints in color. Please help. (Sorry for posting here but I could not find another place to ask.)

  12. Misty says

    Delia, I have been wondering about that myself, I use A LOT of ink. Please post on here if you figure out how to switch it to black and white only.

  13. Cherali Whatcott says

    I change my printing preferences to ‘grayscale’ and it will only use black and white ink. You can click the grayscale box each time or set your printer default to grayscale.

  14. Gina says

    Thanks for that info Katherine! I’ll stop by Dollar General tonight and check it out!

  15. Katherine says

    Gina, you’re welcome. I stopped by today and picked up three and paid 54cents :) The coupons went through with no problem. Good luck!

  16. Ashaunda says

    My Rite Aid would not let me use both coupons (the ad perk coupon and the printed manufacturer coupon) :( I don’t think they allow using their ad perks stacked with maufacturer coupons at mine at all.

  17. Charlene says

    Ashaunda- if you click the Drugstore 101 tab at the top of the site you will find the current Rite Aid coupon policy. It says they will allow both coupons to be used. You can call RA corporate to complain or you can take the policy in and ask to speak with the store manager.


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