Kohl’s $10 off $20 Coupon is Back

Reader Niecesha let me know that she found a $10 off $20 coupon on her paper this morning for Kohl’s stores.  These coupons can be a bit of a pain because they are not in every city and really the only way to determine if your local paper has them is to drive to the newsstand.

It is on the cover of the Sacramento Bee and you should just see a sticker like the one pictured above.  The coupons are valid on anything and run through Saturday.

Keep in mind if you stop by a machine that these coupons are easy to peel right off and some people might steal them right off the papers in the stand.

If you spot one on your paper please leave a comment and let us know which city you are in!

UPDATE:  Reader Jennifer posted on the MFA Facebook page this 15% off Kohls coupon, which some stores will let you stack with the $10/20!

Thanks Niecesha!


  1. Angel says

    Carmichael….I was at the gym today and they had two papers in the waiting area…stickers still on so I grabbed them up :) Someone has got to use them, right?

  2. Megan says

    Got one at home in Roseville, but not at work also in Roseville. You never quite know. . .

  3. Laura says

    On the Chicago Tribune 10 off 50,,,,,can also be used with the 15% off when you use your Kohl’s charge. good deal!

  4. Lori says

    Hayward, CA – The Daily Review is $10 off $20! Time to shop at Kohl’s again!

  5. Jeanne Amerman says

    Reno Gazette Journal had $10 off $20 valid from Wednesday February 9 – Saturday, February 26

  6. Hailey Mac says

    Redding Searchlight (50 cents for the paper) = $10 off $20 purchase, woo hoo!! $2 for 4 papers was a good investment :)

  7. Charlene says

    Hailey if you live in Redding you have to check the thing Dr Oz had on his show today about radon or something. Every time I catch some of his show I learn something new to worry about 😛

  8. Donna says

    Was excited to see that we had our first Kohls post.a.note on the Louisville, Ky. Courier-Journal , $10 off $50. WISH it was off of $20! 😉

  9. Andrea @ Addicted2Tutes says

    There was a newspaper sales guy who came to my door just tonight offering a free TriValley Herald…and it had the coupon! This was in Brentwood,CA

  10. huma says

    these coupons are great but can somebody tell me whether two of these coupons can be combined or not?

  11. KIMBERLY says

    @Huma……you can only stack a % off and a $ off. You can not stack $ and $ off……or % and % off. Hope this helps.

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