National Consumer Panel is Open Again

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National Consumer Panel is accepting applicants again.  This one I usually find people are either black or white on- they hate it or they love it.

It is a program that Nielsen runs (the tv rating company) and what you do is scan your groceries and then transmit the information about what you bought.  You also fill out surveys that they randomly send.  They will mail you this little scanner thing that you need to use to scan the bar codes on the items.  You can connect it to your phone or your computer to transmit.

In exchange you accumulate points that you can redeem toward free products like jewelry, electronics etc..

Some people that do very large shopping trips with a lot of coupons have found this to be too time consuming.  I have also heard from some people that don’t mind it and are saving up for a nice reward.

I personally tried this about a year ago and I did find it too time consuming myself.  But then it already takes me ages to break my trips down and post them on MFA- so a person that does not have a blog might not mind as much.

Anyway, you can get more information about the program here.  They will provide a postage paid box, so if you decide it isn’t for you, just drop the scanner off in the mail and that is it.  One thing is that is took me about 3 weeks to set it up (I just didn’t bother opening the box) and I did receive a call from them basically reminding me to hurry up already.  You might keep that in mind before you decide to give out your phone number.

They are typically looking for a certain demographic so not everyone that applies will get accepted.

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