Rite Aid Deals: Free Pencils and Cheap Pens

There are a few extra Rite Aid deals available this week- these were not featured in the ad so hopefully they are available at every store.

Harvard Source products have a $2 +Up Reward when you buy 1 item this week.

The pencils or rulers are priced at just $.99. So you should make a $1 profit for every pack you buy!

Darico items in the crafts section are producing a $5 +Up when you buy 2.
The craft sticks are priced at $1.49- so buy 2 and make a $2 profit.

Zone Perfect Bars are priced at $1.49
There is a $1 rebate available when you buy 2 (rebate 34, limit 4)
Use (2) $1/1 from 10/31 SS
Final Price: 2 for free after coupon and rebate!

Finally Pilot Pens are priced at $2.29 and have a $4 +Up when you buy 2. So that makes them .29 a pack!

If you are planning a trip to Rite Aid you might be on the lookout for these deals.  I bet lots of teachers would appreciate these if you can’t use them!  I’d love to hear if you spot any other great deals at Rite Aid this week.

See the complete list of Rite Aid deals here.

Thanks Southern CaliSaver!


  1. Desiree says

    My RiteAid didn’t have any of these marked, I didn’t price check them though.

  2. Kim T. says

    My RA was out of the pencils & NO popsicle sticks… but had 14 rulers, I bought them ALL. And got 7- $2ups. With the 20%discount they were .79ea. I’m guessing the limit is 7 for the rulers.

  3. Sarah says

    The pencil deal did not work at my RA.

    As far as the Pilot pens, I paid $2.06 each for the pens (Silver level 10% discount) and received the $4 +up. The Pilot up is good through 2/5/11 (the +ups are generally only 2 weeks)

  4. christen says

    I bought 2 Pilot Pens and got the $4 up, I bought 1 pack of the pencils and received no up for that. It was marked, just like the above picture–I didn’t notice until I got home that it didn’t work. There were also folders for 99 cents that said you get a $2 up with purchase and also 99 cent erasers and 1.49 erasers that also said you get a $2 up with purchase. I did not buy them, so I can’t confirm.

    Additionally, the gillette razors that are on sale this week are available again as the gift pack with the shaving cream for $9.97 and producing the $5 up, i got 2, both worked.

    Also I bought 2 Princess foam art craft kits for $2.99 each, used the $5/2 VV from last month, and got a $5 up back.

  5. Yin says

    Progresso Soups $3 for 2
    Buy 4 for $6
    Use TWO Safeway Thanksgiving Book Coupon $1 off 2 (-$2)
    Use Jan Video Value $1 off 2
    Paid $3, get $1 up x 4
    = $1 Money-maker

  6. Melissa says

    I bought TWO packs of pencils and got the $2 UP reward (it said “from A & W” on my receipt). If anyone’s getting lucky and buying just one pack, that’s awesome, but I had to buy two. But it was still a deal because with my 25% off certificate (from the 3 day sale fiasco that they pulled), I paid $1.66 OOP and got $2 UP back. I did the deal twice.

    Also, couldn’t find craft sticks anywhere in the store. Too bad ’cause my daughter could have really used some for her bazillion craft projects that she always has going on. And the cheapest Pilot pens I could find were $3.29, so no deal there either. I did get the Zone Perfect bars, though, and some clearance Christmas stuff, so that was cool!

  7. Amber says

    The pencils and rulers are mis-marked. You have to buy 2 for the $2 Up… so its not a moneymaler, but still free (+ tax)… and great to donate to a teacher since kids usually ruin their supplies (or loose them) and parents don’t usually repleace them during the year!

  8. Charlene says

    Yes thanks Amber- I think I have it all figured out. I will be posting more info later this morning.

  9. Courtney says

    i bought the pencils and had to call RA corp to get them to mail the UPR to me. i hope they honor it since it was mis-marked.

  10. Charlene says

    Courtney I was wondering how +Ups work when they don’t print. So they can’t just push it through like CVS? Stink.

  11. Courtney says

    yeh, i asked that on the phone today and it will take 2-4 weeks to get the UPR. Thats the way they will handle all unprinted UPR for now. I cant complain too much since ive been getting some great deals the last few months, sometimes even making profit !

  12. Sarah says

    When the pencil deal didn’t work for me, they pulled the sign and asked if it was ok with me to give me $2 cash. I couldn’t believe it.

  13. Charlene says

    Sarah did you stop at 7-11 and use the $2 to buy a lotto ticket? 😉

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