Prilosec OTC $10 for 2 Boxes after Rebate

Here is a really nice deal if you use Prilosec.

Amazon has a single box of 42 tablets priced at $22.49- if you follow a few simple steps you can get this price down to just $5 a box after rebate.

1. Head over here to Amazon.

2. Click on the coupon pictured above- it should be in the center of your screen.  (Make sure you are logged into your account to see it.)

3. On the right side under subscribe and save- change the quantity to 2 and click on the yellow subscribe now button.

4. Your total should be $35.23 with free shipping.

Once your package arrives you need to do two more things:

1. Go back into your account on Amazon and cancel the subscribe and save option.  You have no further obligations.

2. Submit this Prilosec rebate for $25 back when you buy 2 packs.

So you will have paid $35 for 2 packages cash and you will receive a gift card back for $25 via mail in rebate.  Your net price is $10 for 2 boxes or $5 each!

Thanks SD!


  1. Sherri says

    Thank you – that is an awesome deal for those of us that have to use Prilosec on a daily basis!

  2. Christine says

    OMG! This is awesome! I am always looking for the best Prilosec deal because my husband takes them and I feel like I’m always running out! Thank you so much!

  3. Jen Martin says

    This is a good deal, but if you still have the $7 off 2 42ct boxes CVS has a good deal. The coupon expires on Friday the 31st, but you can get two 42ct boxes for $24.99 with $7 extra care bucks, limit two. So, if you buy 2 boxes at $49.98 use the $7 off = $42.98 and then get $14 extra care bucks = $14.49 a box, not too shabby.

    On a side note, the link to the rebate form is not working from any link I can find, anyone else having issues??

  4. Charlene says

    Jen do you have Adobe on your computer? You need that to open the form.

  5. Char says

    I can’t download the form either. I emailed them and they gave me a number to call if I can’t download it and they will mail it to you. In case anyone wants the number it is 1-800-782-3743

  6. Holly says

    Hmmmm…It says send original cash register receipt. Does order summary count as a cash register receipt?? Thanks!!

  7. Charlene says

    Yeah Holly you can send your packing list and your order confirmation and it will be fine.

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