Hurry! Free Olay Gift Pack from Walmart

Walmart is currently offering this Olay Indulgence pack for $10 with free shipping.  (There is a second gift pack option here.) What makes this an awesome deal is that inside the package you will find an offer for a free magazine subscription to Allure or 4 other women’s magazines.  If you elect NOT to get the magazine, you will need to fill out the form inside the box and request a rebate instead of $9.99.

So you will pay $10 for the kit and then you will get a rebate back for $9.99!

You can get the complete details about the Allure rebate here.  There are actually some great magazines included in this offer- like Glamour.  You will find the details of the refund by clicking on the rebate form and scroll to the very bottom of the page.

I am betting this goes out of stock very quickly, so I wouldn’t wait to order.

*There is always a chance Walmart will pull a fast one.  I can’t see how because the offer is very clearly detailed in the item description.  But I guess you might consider a worst case scenario of returning this to Walmart for a refund just in case.


  1. Stephanie says

    just got one, do you think it would let you do more than one rebate?

  2. Aubs says

    I checked ShopAtHome on a whim and it looks like 3% cashback for Walmart, who knew??? Awesome!!

  3. sarah says

    Awesome deal! Thanks again Charlene! I’m planning on giving the Bon Appetit magazine subscription to my in-laws for Christmas!

  4. Charlene says

    I think it says one cash rebate and you can get additional ones for just a magazine.

  5. Melissa says

    I got all the way to the final step in my order (the “confirm your order” step) when it suddenly said, “I’m sorry… your product just went out of stock.” Thankfully there was a second option and I just got that one without any problems. Thanks for finding these deals! How awesome!

  6. Charlene says

    Yes that is what I thought. I know you can get .30 cash back but if you are interested in this offer I would just order. I am sure these will be sold out very, very quickly and I wouldn’t spend any extra time. That is just me though- so you can go through Shop at Home for .30 or .20 for Ebates.

  7. Shelly says

    It says they are out of stock online, but you can still purchase in store for $10. So you can still get the rebate?

  8. Penny says

    The Winter Indulgence pack is gone but the 2nd gift pack offer you mentioned was available (: They also have a Venus $10 gift pack with the allure offer but you pay shipping which was only .97 so still a pretty great deal!

  9. Charlene says

    Shelly I have no idea about the stores. I personally refuse to set foot in my Walmart so I can’t say what each store carries. You just need to look for that little logo that is pictured on the bottom corner of the box.

  10. Annye says

    Thanks to your post, Charlene, I stopped at a Salem, Oregon, Wal-mart this evening. Not only did they have the two gift packs featured on-line, they also had sets that included Febreeze candles or Venus razors — and all of them featured the Allure subscription offer.

    When I opened a set at home, I found not only the “special bonus” for the subscription but also a booklet with $7 worth of coupons. I don’t think any could be used on the gift sets, but the booklet includes: $1 off Olay one facial moisturizer or cleanser; $2 off one Clairol hair color; $2 one Secret Clinical; and $2 one Olay body wash, bar soap, or body lotion. The coupons are valid through December 31, 2011 — yeah, 2011! Woo hoo!!

  11. Joy says

    Thanks for the great gift idea! I went to my local Walmart and they had a ton!
    I wish I knew if we could send in more than 1 rebate?!?!?!?! I don’t see any limitations…..But it does say “……while supplies last.” Hmmmm not too sure what that means!

  12. Charlene says

    Shoot, it looks like Bon Appetit you have to pay for and the others like Glamour are free.

  13. Kristina C says

    Annye- If you use that $2 off secret clinical look for the boxes that have a red dot that says there are $15 in coupons inside. There is a $5 Olay pro x coupon inside those, on top of other fabulous perosnal care coupons! I bought my secret clinical this week at rite aid where I get 20% off so I paid 7.99 – $1 coupon + $5 off Olay coupon when you buy secret deo so I got two bars of Olay soap free and applied the overage ($2.50ish) to the secret.

  14. Laury Kossoff says

    I bought 7 of these today at Walmart. They had a cute gift pack in a shower basket. These were NOT by the bath soap, they were in the Gift section. All different gift packs of cosmetics and bath stuff.
    Buy 1 Olay Body Wash gift box. $10
    Buy 1 Travel size Secret Deodorant $0.97
    Total = $10.97
    Use the $5/1 Select Olay product with Secret purchase coupon from the 10/31 PG
    Total $5.97
    Send in for $9.99 rebate.
    Money Maker

  15. Laury Kossoff says

    Someone from a different website said they called and it is one per household. Luckily I have 7 households that I can use the addresses.

  16. says

    Thanks! They had both types at my store…and even a third one if you wanted to spend $5 more to get some cute slippers in a nice little basket (great for a gift idea!!). I got the one with the socks for myself as a nice treat. 😉

  17. jenmom6 says

    I just got my Olay set from is PERFECT gift for one of our teachers. Awesome deal!!! In addition, mine came with some great coupons (3-$2.00 off and 1-$1 off). Now I’m off to to work out my refund details. Thanks Charlene!!!

  18. Román says

    I live in Puerto Rico and the special bonus on Allure not have my zipcode and location for my one year subscription in your holiday promo page.



  20. Charlene says

    Mercy I deleted your mailing address as I am thinking you don’t want that published. Please note that I do not personally fill orders for Hearst magazines nor do I work for any of these companies. I simply pointed out this offer is available. You will need to open your box and look at the forms that are inside and submit for the rebate according to the directions. I am not paid by any of these companies and I don’t have anything whatsoever to do with rebate fulfillment.

  21. says

    Downloaded HBO a few days ago, it still hasn’t completed it’s download. No mention from U, so what’s the deal?
    616 283 3667

  22. Dealonnia says

    There where 6 boxes of Olay on the shelf with this label on it: SPEICAL OFFER for ALLURE MAG. When I got home an went to the Allure website to request a rebate..the offer was closed. UPSET UPSET UPSET….there was NO EXPIRATION DATE ON ANYTHING THAT I HAVE READ! Bad business Olay and Allure….

  23. Jessica says

    his is the website to go to for the rebate. Hope this helps.

  24. CAT says

    I saw the posting for the $9.99 Venus gift pack and ordered three online. I like what I recieved but the is not a rebate offer in the gift pack only a allure magizine free one year offer. Why was there no rebate that is what I really ordered them for to get them for free. Thanks!!!!

  25. Charlene says


    Did you get a chance to read the rebate form? It says you can get the magazine or you can decline the subscription and ask for a rebate. Now this post is from one year ago so if you ordered it a year ago it is too late. If you ordered it recently you only have 30 days so again just read the form for the complete instructions on what to do for the rebate.

  26. teaha says

    yall just lied i bought the olay yesterday now yall saying the rebate has expired already when did this began

  27. CAT says

    Yes I did read the rebate form and it only says that if you already are a subscriber your subscription will be extended for one year. It also says you can pick from five other magazines but that is it. Thanks for writing back though. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!!!!!!

  28. Charlene says

    Teaha, No one lied about anything. You are commenting on a post from November of 2010. Open your box and the rebate form is inside. If you purchased your package when this was posted one year ago, your rebate will have expired. If you purchased it yesterday, you now have 29 days to submit the rebate.

  29. Belinda says

    If anyone has trouble with the Allure subscription they can call and the lady on the telephone helps you. I was on the phone to her for less than 3 or 4 minutes and my Allure mag is on its way. Hope this helps out. Here is the phone # 1-800-890-7104 and then press option 2

  30. Michelle B says

    I just got my Olay gift set with a free subscription today as a early Christmas gift from my brother and his wife . I had no trouble getting my subscription ( I chose W instead of Allure ) . The part where you choose your subscription also had a no thanks choice , I guess this would be for those who want the rebate instead of the subscription This is a great deal and a great gift .

  31. Ana says

    what i think is horrible is as i went online to redeem this one year subscription, it told me my code had already been used. im terribly disappointed.

  32. Charlene says

    Ana why don’t you contact them and let them know? Or just submit for the rebate and use that money to get your subscription. I am sure they can help you get it sorted out.

  33. Jane Thielke says

    I bought oily product and it said i could get a subscription to Allure mag and it would not come up on my computer when I went into the sight. I would either like the mag or the $9.99 it said I could get but would not go to the sight. My home phone #is 320-392-5571 if you can tell me what to do to get it.

  34. Taei Guyette says

    I like the person writing you bought a gift set at Walmart with a tag and code asking me to go to I have spent an hour searching and can find it. Please help or is this a fraud…..

  35. Charlene says

    I don’t think there is fraud there Taei. Do you have the postcard inside your box with your redemption code? And did you go to the URL they specified and you can’t find it? Can you clarify exactly what you are having trouble with?

  36. ejpoeta says

    It isn’t fraud. I got the Oi of Olay with a razor and shaving creme (i think. I opened it and it was on the bottom. you could almost miss it. I went to the site and filled out the stuff and it won’t complete though which makes me think maybe it has expired or something. I sure hope not.

  37. shami says

    i just tried to redeem my promo code for a 12 month free subscription to allure magazine, and the website said offer no longer available. I received this oil of olay gift set for christmas, am shocked the offer is no longer available now, bad business indeed!!!!!

  38. Charlene says

    Just an FYI- this post is from November of 2010. It has nothing to do with what you purchased this year. I would get in touch with the rebate company directly because I have no affiliation with them whatsoever and can’t help with your rebate.

  39. Liz says

    I just tried to redeem my promo code for a 12 month free subscription to allure magazine, and the website said offer no longer available. I received this oil of olay gift set for christmas, I am shocked the offer is no longer available now.

  40. Stevie says

    I just tried the same thing and it could not find the webpage. What else can you do?

  41. Stevie says

    I found this customer service number which I’m going to try now. 1-800-890-7104

  42. Stevie says

    I called them and she put in a “claim” for me. She said someone would either contact me or I would receive a magazine in a few weeks.

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