Additional 50% off Clearance at Old Navy!

It looks like Old Navy is having another 50% off clearance sale!  Readers Diana and Evette told me they found this sale at their stores and I popped into my store today and found the same deal!  At my store it was an additional 50% off clearance prices on clothing for the entire family.

Very often you can get exceptional deals with these sales but I have always found things get picked over very quickly.  This is an unadvertised sale so I would strongly recommend calling your store in advance and confirming they have the sale running.

There is also a 30% off coupon that is available through tomorrow only.  I was able to use this on my purchases today and Evette was able to use her coupon in Alabama today as well.

I have never had a problem using Old Navy coupons on clearance sales but I have heard from a few of you that have had problems.  So it might not hurt to call and ask about that as well.

(Note: I forgot to print the coupon but I pulled up MFA on my iPhone and found the coupon and showed it to them and they honored it!)

This was my score after clearance and 30% off coupon.  I didn’t find any spectacular deals this time around:

2 dressy cardigans $4.54 each
2 thermal no slip socks $2.45 each
1 puffy vest $10.51
1 Pink Converse (Old Navy brand) $8.25
1 pjs $2.99


  1. sandy says

    Went right after I saw your posting! Used 30% Q too. No problem!
    Got some 2T dresses and skirts – $2
    Ladies 3/4 sleeves shirts $1.74
    Boys long sleeve shirt $2.09
    Ladies capri sweats $2
    LOTS more great deals – did not have time to look thoroughly.

  2. Barbie says

    How funny…I went on my lunch break today and was surprised to find the additional 50% off clearance. I was there to purchase clothing for 3 families my office adopted from our community who needed help for the holidays. Needless to say, we will have some well dressed kids in town and all for just $3 an item (including jeans for boys)! My co-workers were so excited that they all plan to go tomorrow to get some clothes now for the parents of these families! Totally able to use the 30% off the clearance items too.

  3. Elisabeth says

    i went and took the 30% off coupon. they let me use it on top of the extra 50% off. i got several things for $.23! yay for summer clothes next year!

  4. Ro says

    This is very exciting for me. My MIL needs new clothes and I noticed they had a lot of items in her size. This will be a score for me tonight. Thanks again for your great (and timely) tips! (I downloaded the 30% off coupon too. Thanks as always

  5. Melissa says

    My Old Navy was pretty picked over but I managed to score (4) birthday cards and (4) pairs of boys boxers for $3.75. You can’t beat that… The birthday cards were originally marked $5 each and they are big 8 1/2 x 11 cards that my boys can color.

  6. Naomi says

    I went to the Old Navy outlet at my Tanger Outlet and used the gift card deal ($25 for a $50 gift card.) Got 2 boys jeans, 1boys pants, boys lined sweat shirt jacket, 2 boys long sleeve shirt, 1 pair women’s pants and 1 pair women’s shirts. Total was $46, but since I used the discounted gift card it was like I spent $23 for all that!

  7. says

    I happened to have a $20 old navy reward (we don’t usually use vredit cards but we used my old navy visa to book our hotel this summer) so I scored 3 women’s tees, 1 women’s cardigan, women’s jeans, women’s exercise pants, 3 men’s boxers, and 1 girl’s fleece vest for $0.28!

  8. Hope says

    I actually went to our Old Navy last night to use the 30% coupon and was excited to find the extra 50% off too!

    I bought items for my 2yr old daughter:

    1- Peanuts Halloween tee for next year $0.70
    1- Hello Kitty Halloween tee for next year $0.70 (these will go great with the $2 Gymboree Halloween pants I just bought for next year!)
    1- pair of pj’s $3.15
    1- dressy tutu $2.79
    1- silk dress $2.79
    Total – $10.13!!!

    I was looking online last night and I actually saw some of the same items for much more – the dress I bought was $19.99 online (it was $7.99 before discounts in store)! The Hello Kitty shirt was $5.99 ($1.98 in store)….etc… so I really got a great deal!!

  9. sarah says

    THANKS for this tip! I ran to my store last night after my hubby came home from work. (He thankfully encouraged me to ran-sack those racks for good deals!) I’m 7 months pregnant and hit the jack-pot in the maternity section!

  10. Grace says

    I love my I feel like I have found my home and family. I so scored at Old Navy. We got stuff for both parents, and the 11 and 6 year old. The 11 year old and I added up the actual cost of the clothes would have been $822.50 and we only paid $136….that is crazy!

  11. Charlene says

    Grace, Crystal has a great blog but this one is from me Charlene,

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