US Weekly Magazine $19.97 for 1 year

US Weekly is on sale for $19.97 per year when you buy 2 or a 3 year subscription.  So pretty expensive as far as magazines go but these types of magazines rarely go on sale.

So 2 years will be $39.94 and 3 years will be $59.91.

You can head over to Discount Magazines and enter code: 4187.

Update: Sorry this code doesn’t seem to be working.  I will update if I see this offer again.

Thanks Coupon Geek!


  1. Jaime says

    It worked for me! I chose 3 years since a deal like this doesn’t come around very often! Reading these magazines is a guilty pleasure of mine. But at over $3.00 per issue, I find it hard to justify buying! I went through to get 8% cash back so I got 156 issues for about 35 cents an issue! Thanks for posting!

  2. Charlene says

    Jaime you will not get cash back when you use a hidden promo code. I always post when cash back is available and I do not post when it is not available. Shop at Home will credit your account temporarily for the purchase and then the funds will be removed before they mail you a check.

  3. Kate says

    I tried several times this morning and it didn’t work. Tried tonight and it did… too bad I just purchased a year through my kids’ magazine drive!

  4. Charlene says

    Ok Kate you will have to keep us all up to date on the latest gossip. I love these magazines but if I get another one my husband will kill me 😛

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