Gap: 40% off Sale Today Only

Today only, the Gap is having a 40% off sale in stores!

This is off your entire purchase including sale items.  If you have a credit card with them, the discount is 45% off.  From what I can see, there is no coupon required to get the discount so if any of you still have Groupons from awhile back- this should be a great deal!  (Some stores will allow the Groupon and some will not.  I would call in advance and just ask or take your chances of having it refused in store.  I have heard this HAS worked for some and HAS NOT for others.)

You can find a Gap store near you here.

Thanks Dena!

Update:  My store did allow me to use the Groupon and I got some fantastic deals!  Even without the Groupon, I found little jackets for my girls for $6.99 at Baby Gap.  Underwear marked down to $2.00 at Gap Body and t-shirts for $4.00 at Gap!


  1. Charlene says

    I am going to try it. I heard some people had success on the jeans one and some didn’t. I think it will come down to your store.

  2. Charlene says

    Jennifer I think it is all Gap stores but usually outlets are a different story. You can just call your store and ask them.

  3. Katie says

    I just called my store and they said they did not have any 40% off sales going on today. Weird. Any ideas on how I can make this work? Is there a coupon code or source for the information?

  4. Meghan says

    I’m wondering if this would stack with the “bring in an old pair of denim and get 30% off a new pair” sale?

    If so, I’m dragging my kids (28 months and 4 months) to GAP today.

  5. Meghan says

    Okay nevermind — I called my local store and they don’t stack, but my store did say they have “a TON” of jeans on the sale rack right now. YAY!

  6. Charlene says

    Katie- if you go to and then click on store offers in the top right corner, you will see reference to this sale. You might call back and ask for a supervisor and ask why they aren’t participating in the the promotion advertised on their web site :)

  7. Mariah Washington says

    Has any one used the Groupon on this sale today? Before I drive an hour to GAP and then shop with my 2 and 4 year olds, just to have it not work would suck!

  8. Charlene says

    Mariah I would not drive an hour either. I would call and ask. I talk to about 20 other bloggers on a daily basis and the feedback so far has been mixed for all of us. Honestly I don’t think it matters what works for one person because each Gap will determine policies at the store level. So just because it works in Omaha doesn’t mean a store in Miami will also honor the promotion. Sorry that doesn’t help you much, but I would just make a call and see what they say before you drag those kiddos there.

  9. Abigail says

    It worked for me today! Got some great deals! I live in the Sacramento area and went to the Arden Fair Mall location.

  10. Sara says

    FYI…the sale isnt at every store. For instance the GAP’s in Orange County CA are not participating. However, if you got the email, you can show them a printed copy or on your phone and they will honor it. Oh and the Groupon couldn’t be combined at mine either.

  11. Charlene says

    Thanks Sara. I find it odd that all stores are not participating when it is posted right on the front page of the web site.

    Today only, October 11!
    Get 40% OFF your entire purchase.
    Make that 45% when you use your GapCard.
    In stores only
    Certain restrictions apply. Please see stores for details.

    That seems like false advertising to me. It should say only some stores or something like that.

  12. Sara says

    I ran into the District Manager of the Gap while I was there. I asked her why there wasn’t any signage or anything or any associates talking about it. Turns out a few select markets are not participating, and I guess that email wasn’t supposed to go to everyone. They are testing promotions (or lack there of) in different areas. So, I’m sure that 99.9% are and I was just a part of the unlucky few that aren’t, but I still got the discount for showing them the email.

  13. connie says

    hi charlene,

    i’m here in seattle/bellevue wa. (groupon + 40 % off sale) worked for me and another gal i met at the gap store. I was there with my 21 mos old son around 2pm and a lot of the sale items were pretty much picked over. Nevertheless, I got J (my son) pjs and sweats for the winter + cap + jacket. it was busy!

  14. Charlene says

    Connie mine was super busy too! I know exactly where you shopped- Bell Square right? I used to live on Lake WA Blvd in Kirkland :)

  15. cjs says

    They took the Groupon at the GapKids store in Roseville, CA….but they prefaced the transaction saying that if you return something – you will only get a fraction of what it is worth (you will only get the discounted price on the receipt). So, for example, if you bought shoes regularly $24.50, and paid $6…you will only get $6 back….makes sense, but I think you lose out on the full value of getting something else. She said just to make sure you don’t need to return anything.

  16. Charlene says

    Cjs I was there too!! Were you the crazy woman trying to take the denim dress I was buying off the counter? Yeah- they told me that too. So absolutely no returns on anything or you really get hosed. I figure worst case I will exchange of bigger sizes on whatever I buy.

  17. cjs says

    No, the crazy lady wasn’t me – I’m crazy, but not that kinda of crazy..ha ha! I was the one with the little girl that said ‘mom, can we go now?’ right when we stepped in the store :) (Oh, and I got home and one of the skirts I bought was missing a button..just my luck!)

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