Safeway Deals 9/22

You can see Safeway’s coupon policy right HERE. Most stores will allow you to stack a manufacturer coupon with the store coupons that can be found in the weekly circulars. You will want to be sure to get a club card for Safeway to take advantage of the sale prices! Safeway sale prices tend to vary from region to region so you will always want to double check your local ad! Also, I do not have double coupons in my area so your prices are likely much better than mine!


Rancher’s Reserve Boneless Rib Roast $1.99
Use $2/10 Rancher’s Reserve coupon
If you bought 6lbs and used the coupon, your price works out to $1.65/lb. You can mix and match this with any other Rancher’s Reserve meat.

Boneless Pork Loin $1.99/lb


Nabisco Ritz Crackers or Nilla Wafers $1.88

Bananas .47/lb

Lucerne Cheese 32oz $5.99
Use .55/1 Real CA cheese from 5/23 RP
Final Price: $5.44

Fresh Express Salads $1

Campbell’s Select Harvest Soups $1
Use $1/1 coupon
Final Price: Free

Cheerios 8.9oz $1.99
Use .55/1 Cheerios coupon
and Use $.55/1 Shortcuts coupon
Final Price: $.89
*The ad shows Yellow Box but if the flavored Cheerios are included, there is a .75/1 Cellfire coupon.

Lucky Charms $1.99
Use .55/1 Cellfire e-coupon
and Use $1/2 from 8/22 SS or printable
Final Price: $2.43 for 2 boxes

Shedd’s Spread $1.99
Use .40/1 printable coupon or from August All You
Final Price: $1.19 with doubles or $1.59 without

Buy One Get One Free Mushrooms- sliced or whole (It looks like $3.49/2)

1lb Carrots $1

Zucchini, Pears, Tomatoes, Onions $1/lb

Dial Hand Soap .99
Use .35/1 from 8/15 RP
Final Price: .30 with doubles or .64 without

Near East Couscous $2.50
Use $1/2 printable coupon
Final Price: $2

Campbell’s Soups $1
Use $1.50/3 Shortcuts coupon
and Use $1.50/3 printable
Final Price: Free!

12pk Refreshe Soda $1.99 when you buy 3

Nabisco 100 Calorie Packs $2.50
Use $1/1 printable
Final Price: $1.50

Mom to Mom Jumbo Diapers $5.99


Jif Peanut Butter $1.49 (limit 4)
Smuckers Jam or Preserves $1.99 (limit 4)
Use$1/1 Jif and One Smuckers from 8/8 RP
Final Price: $2.48 for both Jif and Smuckers

Jimmy Dean Frozen Breakfast $3.99 (limit 4)
Use $1/1 Breakfast Sandwiches from 8/1 RP
Final Price: $2.99
{OR if Jimmy D items are included:}
Use $1/1 shortcuts coupon
and use $1/1 from 9/12 RP
Final Price: $1.99

Ore Ida Potatoes $1.99 (limit 4)
Use $3/2or $1.50/1 from Safeway Savings book
or Use $1/1 Steam and Mash coupon
Final Price: .49 a bag!

Powerade .60 (limit 10)

Safeway Breads .99

Quaker Oatmeal Squares $1.49 (limit 4)

Pasta or Rice a Roni .89 (limit 10)

Foster Farms Breaded Chicken $4.99 (limit 4)

Silk Soymilk $1.99 (limit 3)
Use .55/1 from 9/19 RP
or Use .75/1 printable coupon
or Use $1/1 from Safeway Savings Book
Final Price: .99-$1.44

Lucerne Eggs $1.49

Crest Toothpaste $2.49 with in ad coupon (limit 4)
Use $1/1 from 8/29 P&G
and Use $.75/1 e-coupon
Final Price: .74

Oral B Toothpaste $2.49
Use .75/1 Oral B e-coupon
and Use .75/1 from 8/29 P&G
Final Price: .99 (note the ad does not specify the kinds included in the sale)

There is a free stencil kit and sport bottle when you buy the Tinker Bell Blu Ray Combo
Use $10/1 printable

See the complete list of catalina offers at Safeway here.

Anything I missed this week?


  1. Tiffany T says

    Charlene – Question about that $2 off Rancher’s Reserve coupon. I realize it says ‘Minimum $10 purchase’ but so do all the in-ad coupons. Therefore, I always assumed my total purchase must be $10 and not my meat alone. Maybe that’s why I was having trouble with it coming on my card in the past. I am not doubting you, but can you tell me how you know the difference? Thanks! :)

  2. Charlene says

    I haven’t any idea about those coupons because they just never work for me. I read the coupon to mean spend $10 in Rancher’s Reserve and get $2 off. I usually print these now because they never work when I save them to my card no matter what I do.

  3. Tiffany T says

    OK just checking, because I struggle with them as well and do the same as you now. And even yesterday when I tried to use a printed version it wouldn’t scan correctly and the cashier had to override it …. so I was thinking that maybe it was because I didn’t have $10 worth of meat. Maybe I’ll email Safeway for clarification. If I hear back from them will post here. Thanks for everything you do! :)

  4. Lori says

    I’m noticing that when these coupons are supposed to come off, I get a $0.00 or $0.01 discount on the bill. For example, at the top of the meat section of the receipt, it would say something like: “$0.00, savings $0.01″. When I call customer service, they look in their computer and say that the coupon was used on the order. When I talk to the customer service desk at the store, I’ve been told not to reimburse on these coupons due to coupon fraud. (Which is understandable – they don’t know how many times I’ve tried to use it, and I should not be reimbursed 10 times for 1 coupon….) It’s like nobody believes they aren’t working!

  5. Amy says

    Where do you get the Safeway Savings book? My daughter and I tried to find it all over the store this past weekend but came up empty. Thanks for finding all the great deals, especially the stores here in NorCal!

  6. Charlene says

    Amy- I think the booklets are new so many stores might not have them out yet. If you don’t see them in your store, I would take the ad to customer service and just ask. It is featured on the last page.

  7. sarah r says

    i found the savings booklets last night. they were all over the freezer section and the refrigerated section that has the yogurts, cheese, pillsbury items at the sunrise, Roseville location.

  8. Lora says

    Dr. Pepper and Diet Dr. Pepper are apart of the .99 2-liter deal but you must buy 4. On the bottles of Dr. Pepper there are .55 cent coupons off one bottle. Double them and the pop is a .06 money maker!

  9. Tiffany T says

    @Lori – this is exactly what happens to me too! It shows the $0.01 off. I have an email in to Safeway right now. They responded to my original email, but whomever is answering their emails did not read mine very carefully and responded in regards to the in-ad coupons and not the Safeway internet coupons you can load on your card or even print out (I have problems both ways). I sent back a clarifying email so I am hoping I get a better response soon.

  10. Tiffany T says

    Ok guys, it appears that for some reason the wrong card number was linked up to my account (not sure how this happened???). I went in and corrected it, the coupon is definitely linked now so I am willing to give it another shot. I am not holding my breath though … LOL!

  11. Sarah says

    With the Safeway printable coupons, I have had the same .01 then -.01 show up on the receipt, but when I look at the price that I paid for the item, I see that it rings up for the correct amount. It doesn’t show the original price and then the coupon. Maybe that’s happening to you? I haven’t tried the Safeway e-coupons, so not sure if that’s the case there…

  12. Lori says

    Just posted on the MFA FB page – I saw an ad on my safeway homepage for something called Coupons for U. I noticed a few days ago, Safeway buried the coupon links. Now this U thing pops up. When you sign up for it, it takes you to a page of coupons that look like the old safeway ecoupons. This new thing is run by coupons dot com.

    Safeway seems to have removed the links for Cellfire, PG, etc. Not finding those links on the site at all.

    I’m betting this new format is related to the safeway ecoupons not working. Either the switch is causing the malfunction, or they are switching because of the malfunction. It would be nice if they educated the customer service guys, or at least put out a statement on their website!

    Will have to find something to test the new coupons on. I’m wondering if this is the same program that Hawaii is on? THAT would make the couponing complex!

  13. jessica says

    I agree with Sarah. Those Safeway ecoupons really are coming off! They don’t show up on your receipt like other ecoupons, rather the price of the item is automatically adjusted down.

  14. Yin says

    One more unadvertised deal!

    Dannon Activia Yogurt (4-4 Oz) $1.88
    – Use $0.75/1 e-coupon
    – Use $0.75/1 coupon from
    Final Price: $0.38 or FREE + $0.37 profit if your store doubles!

  15. sarah mcreynolds says

    How did you get the near east couscous coupon? I can’t seem to get it to show up?

  16. Jenna says

    Just had an awesome SW trip! Lots of free stuff this week. Thanks for everything you do, Charlene!

    Found a couple other deals worth mentioning:
    – Hefty trash bags are part of the spend $15/get $5 off on next trip. Buy 3 at $5.99 each and use 3($2/1) from Safeway Summer Savings book= $2.32 per box
    – Bounty towels $6.99 with club card. Use $1/1P&G ecoupon and .25 off coupon (not sure from where)= 5.74
    – Mom 2 Mom products 2/$5. Used 2 ($2/1) cats = $.50 each

  17. Charlene says

    Jenna I mentioned the garbage bags ages ago. I was going to do that but I think the soap order was a teensy better. Still an awesome deal and trash bags are a massive pain to find sales on.

  18. Jenna says

    And I thought I was so clever, LOL!!! Though, now that you mention it, it DOES sound familiar. :-)


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