CVS Summer Clearance

I popped into CVS today and I noticed the summertime clearance is at 75% off in my store.  Every store will be different and I can’t promise you will find this sale- so you can always make a quick phone call to check your store.

My store had a ton of toys (including Barbies), towels, pool toys and much more marked down.  I noticed the Little Swimmers were on clearance from $10.49 a pack to $2.62 after 75% off.  Now that is a great price and lower than any deal we saw this summer at the drugstores.  There should be a $1.50 off printable here that would make the packs $1.12 each.

Even better- I got my second $3/10 grocery purchase coupon today and reader Lori said she has had 3 this week from the coupon scanner.  So you could really make out on swimming diapers!

If you have little ones or are expecting little ones,  you might want to buy ahead at these prices and save yourself from paying $6 or more next summer.


  1. Maria says

    My cvs said SELECT summer items 75% off so I bought some lounge chairs thinking they were included. When I got home I realized I paid full price. Lesson learned: take thing to the scanner!

  2. Kimberly says

    The cashier at my CVS said $3/$10 was for grocery purchases only…food/beverages/candy.

  3. bree says

    i don’t usually buy from drugstores but this is an incredible deal! may i ask which cvs you shop at?

  4. Charlene says

    Kimberly in the original post I did mention to double check what your store considered “grocery”. I just used the coupon today on diapers and I used it before on laundry soap. There is a $4/20 coupon printing as well that does not have exclusions on it.

  5. Rachelle R says

    love the cvs summer clearance! i got a cooler for $8.75 (originally $34.99) and lots of toys–including a nerf gun for $3.75. i found lots of stocking stuffers and prizes to use for bday party games since both my kids have november bdays. i’ve been getting the $4/20 coupon alot lately so that helps even more!

  6. Lori says

    My CVS says they will be discounting to 90% as of Sunday. I have also had the $3/10 coupon print every other day this week! I’m hoping I can get it one last time tomorrow…

  7. Lori says

    I was able to get a 4th $3/10 coupon tonight! Combine that with free SOBE, and the realization that the Sunday sales start on Saturday at my local CVS, and my shopping is done for the week!

    Spent $25, received $15 back in ECB’s, on something like $130 of product, including beach towels and bubbles for the kids!

  8. Shelly says

    I got a $3/10 grocery purchase and a $2 off Little Swimmers coupon from the scanner. My CVS lets me use the grocery coupon on all items with no problem.

  9. Kimberly says

    I got to use the $3/10 and a $4/20 in one transaction b/c my store says the $3/10 has to be grocery, and I asked if I could use both since I had grocery items too. So instead of paying $30 before coupons, I only had to pay $20 and got $7 off instead of only $4. A good deal I thought.

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