Target School Supply Clearance

I ran into Target tonight and was very happy to see the school supply area was finally on clearance.  My store had items at 30% off and I couldn’t believe how much inventory they had.

Many of the supplies are already at great prices so you might check your store as well!  I usually try to hold out for 75% off and I buy all sorts of things- this can be an alternative to just donating toys during the holidays.  I try to give backpacks as well as toys and clothes.

Keep in mind every store will be on a different schedule- so some might have marked down much lower and some might not have started yet.  You can always call your store before you head out and just ask them if they have the Back to School area marked down.

For my local readers, I went to Douglas tonight not Fairway.


  1. misty says

    is anyone not getting thier daily digest? I just realized I am not getting any of my coupon and discount lists

  2. cjs says

    Thanks for putting down which local Target you were at – helps me as I am one of your local readers. I hope to run into you sometime to say ‘hi’. :)

  3. Megan says

    You are local, I had a feeling those were “my” targets since the sales are always dead on! Thank you so much for all the great tips!! I mostly shop at the Douglas Target since it is right by my work and I tend to spend my lunch hour(s) roaming through end caps. :)

  4. Charlene says

    Megan I don’t like that one but it is closer to my house. That one I find them to be really mean to me and also the prices are higher! But if you can go in soon I scored a mountain of frozen food clearance last night. They had huge bags of broccoli for .98 and these gourmet pretzels were $2.48 but they are sooo good! And Pillsbury Savorings- oh and if you have the Sandwich booklet from Safeway with the $1 off Mayo coupon there was the new spicy Sandwich shop mayo on an end cap for $1.14. So .14 with coupon!

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