New Swagbucks Back to School Promo

Swagbucks is running a back to School promotion this week. There are fun prizes for current Swaggers and for those that are new to this program.

Here are a few things current users can look for:

**There will be five different Back to School bucks awarded through the week. If you get lucky and score all five, you get a 50 Buck bonus!

**A sale on Swag in the School Supplies shop.

**A few bonus promotions on Facebook and Twitter.

**Thursday they will release FIVE Swagcodes- so you can easily score a ton of bonus bucks by finding the codes. (And I will post them as I find them!)

PLUS if you have not registered for this program you can score SEVENTY extra bucks to get started. You need to head over to Swagbucks and register, then enter promo code BackToSchool. (note the codes are case sensitive so careful you enter it exactly.)

The holidays will be upon us very soon so this is a great way you can ear totally free gift cards to help out with your holiday shopping!
Read all about this program here.


  1. Kara says

    I don’t belong to Swagbucks so I just tried to register and it didn’t take the BacktoSchool code… did I do something wrong?

  2. Charlene says


    Try this: BackToSchool and see if that works? The codes are case sensitive.

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