Shopping Trip 7/25 $70

Sorry this picture is so awful- you should be able to click on it to enlarge. I promise to start using a real camera next week and not my phone.

I went a little crazy this week because we needed a lot of food.  I am still getting used to braces and I basically have to create a whole new menu for myself now- which means lots of non chew items.  Amazing how many things I can’t eat these days.  Anyhow, I received $22 in rebate checks this week and I decided to go ahead and add them back into the budget.  I usually buy rebate items out of my budget and then add the rebate checks back into the budget when they arrive.  Lately I haven’t needed to add them back in and we have just been depositing them into savings.   But this week I went for it and man it seems like that extra $20 got us a ton of food.

Here is what I did:

RALEYS: $18.38

Raley’s Cereal- free with coupon
Snyders Pretzels .59 after coupon
3 Del Monte Chillers .79 each on clearance
3 Illy Cappucinos- $2.49 for 3 with store coupon
8lbs Raley’s Potatoes $3.99
Roma Tomatoes $.75
Ground Beef $6.19
8 Mangoes $2

See Raley’s match ups here.

TARGET: $9.00

Espresso $3.89
Snyder’s .59 after coupon
Minute Rice- used free item coupon
2 Bear Naked Granola- Used Buy 1 Get One Free coupon, the 2nd was free with purchase
2 Bagel Bites .29 each after coupons
2 Simply Lemonade $1.04 each after coupon
2 Aquafresh Toothpaste- .12 each after coupon
2 Dannon yogurt $3.94

See ongoing Target deals here.

SAFEWAY: $42.85

I did a few Safeway stops this week. To simplify I am just going to add them altogether here.
2 Padrinos Tortilla Chips $.99 after coupon
10 Kraft Cheese bags .49 after catalina– bags of cheese were marked down to $1.49 because they expire in a week. There were at least 30 bags total so I left plenty for others.  (These freeze perfectly.)
5 Kraft Cheese bags – Free after catalina– I found peelie stickers on them for $1 off. They were priced at $1.99 and I got a $5 cat for buying 5- so free!
2 Newman’s Lemonade $1 each after coupon
2 Sfwy Butter at $1.99
Black Plums $1.73
Peaches $.58
4 Hormel Veggie Chili .99 each when you buy 4
Tortillas $1.99
Smithfield Bacon .99 on clearance
Farmer John Bacon .99 on clearance- used $1 coupon= Free
Pork $6.78
Chicken $5.14
Red Onion $1.95
Yellow Onion $.95
8 Smart Balance Milk- .49 each (priced at $2.99, I used 8 $2.50/1 coupons)*
Corn on the Cob $1
Safeway Half and Half .99

NOTE:  I got 3 different $5 cats for the Kraft that I kept rolling for more groceries.

See an ongoing list of Safeway deals here.

*Before you think I have gone insane this milk does not expire until September and my girls go through 2 gallons on milk per week.  So really 8 of these is only 2 weeks worth of milk.


  1. Judith says

    I just have to say, I’m so jealous that you found the KRAFT cheese on CLEARANCE! and you found peelies on them! NOT FAIR! why my SAFEWAY had NO Kraft on clearance nor any peelies anywhere…They don’t have the Smart Balance milk either…:(

  2. BirminghamGirl says

    I am so inspired by the time and care you put into shopping carefully and planning nice things for your family to eat!

  3. Jordan says

    Have you tried the smart balance milk yet? Just wondering if it tastes different or anything.

  4. Tina F. says

    BirminghamGirl has it right, “Inspiring”!! Im hoping to one day be as good as you . Great job ,and your lucky my Vons wouldn’t accept the milk Q’s because they wouldn’t scan , my theory on that is my store is very,very old. Im constantly getting Q’s denied there due to there ancient scanners that the plastic is all scuffed up and scratched but it wont keep me from trying. :)

  5. Charlene says

    Jordan it had an aftertaste to me. I don’t drink much milk and my husband uses it in cereal so I don’t think he will notice. My girls drank it right up without a second thought.

  6. Charlene says

    Hee hee. I am not inspiring really just cheap :) We used to spend $600 a month for 2 for groceries. Now we basically spend $200 a month for almost everything. So that means $4800 extra goes into my savings account every year. That’s why I love coupons :)

  7. Danielle says

    I had to chuckle at your comment about buying 8 milks! LOL! I did the same thing – and it seems like we are going thru it so much faster than full gallons, (but I know we aren’t!) Even DH said something about it seeming to go quickly.
    @ Jordan: The SB milk does taste slightly different, but not enough for me not to keep buying it! Kids don’t seem to mind (I think they actually think it’s *cool* milk b/c it’s in a carton!) and DH is actually drinking it even though it’s fat free (he usually HATES skim!) so I will buy it again. :)

  8. Alison says

    I didn’t like the taste of the milk, it was too creamy for me even though I bought skim, but if you like creamy milk it’s probably good :)
    I wish we had a Safeway!! I do love my Publix but they don’t ever clearance perishables, does anyone know why? I have to drive 30 minutes to Super Target to find clearanced meat and just hope that I get lucky lol!

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