25 Free 4×8 Cards

See Here is offering 25 free 4×8 photo cards right now when you head over here and use code: cards-36.

There are tons of designs so you can make cards with photos as announcements or thank yous.  You can also ditch the photo and add your own text, like an invitation.

You will have to pay shipping of about $2.00 for the cards and they will come with envelopes.

*If your shipping charge is much higher, just reduce the number to 20 cards and it should drop down to $2.49.  (Thanks Lucy)


  1. Tracy says

    Just wanted to let you know shipping for me was actually going to be $4.99.

  2. Sara says

    Do you have any idea when this code expires? We’re expecting a baby next month and this would be great for birth announcemnets!

  3. Lucy says

    If you don’t want to spend 4.99 for the shipping change the amount down to 20 cards. It still takes off the free coupon and the shipping is only 2.49!

  4. Elizabeth says

    I did a variation of Lucy’s suggestion and changed the quantity to 23 instead of 25 and the shipping was $2.49 for me!

  5. misty says

    Thanks for posting this! My sons first birthday is next month. I am trying to make invitations but I cannot get the text to move. It is driving me crazy!!

  6. Charlene says

    Misty- I was able to manipulate it easily- but I had to play with it for awhile to figure it out. Do you have the text highlighted with a green box around it? Also to delete there was a x thing on the right side- but you needed to highlight it before deleting.

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