Rite Aid: New +Up Rewards Program

Rite Aid will be rolling out the +Up Rewards program nationwide on 6/6. You may have already heard about this as it started in 4 cities already.  (And there was a crazy good deal in those 4 cities on Huggies).

When you use your Wellness card and purchase specific items outlined in the weekly ad, you will get a coupon that prints at the bottom of your receipt. This appears to be just like ECBs and the coupon can be used to purchase almost anything you like at Rite Aid.

Here is an example of how the +Up Rewards will be advertised at Rite Aid:

As you can see, the +Up Rewards will print even if you use a coupon.

Now this is a totally new program and it has not rolled out in my city yet.  From what I understand the two major advantages to this program are:

1. No limits to your rewards (unlike ECBs which usually have a limit of 1) Updated: As of 8/10 they are now offering a limit of 1 unless otherwise noted in the ad!

2. They can be rolled to purchase the same item again (unlike Walgreens!)

Just like at CVS, you do not need to purchase all the required items in one transaction.  You can purchase them separately and once you accumulate the correct number of items or dollar amount, your Rewards will print.

From what I understand this program has more flexibility than the Register Reward program- so you shouldn’t need to fool with fillers and things.  I am going to assume you will need to spend the entire value of the +Up Rewards at one time.

So this should be interesting.  I know this program started off with a bang for those of you that were in the test markets!  I am not sure if this will be the end of the rebate program at Rite Aid but one major advantage I can see is that you can always use the +Up Rewards to purchase free after rebate items.  That should be an easy way to roll them before they expire.

Two very important points that I can see with this program

1. You must use your Wellness Card

2. It looks like most items are one per transaction. So in the example of the Old Spice above, it does not mean you only get one $4 +Up Reward- that means you must do separate transactions for each +Up Reward.

For those of you that have already started this program- we’d love to hear your experiences and feedback!


  1. Charlene says

    Becky at this time it appears to be in addition to the rebates- there is a full rebate book for June. I have no idea what the future will hold for Rite Aid and it could replace the rebates or maybe not.. Can’t say.

  2. Kristy says

    Do you know if the wellness card that “earned” the reward has to be the card that redeems the reward? My father-in-law just gave me his $1 reward, but I’m not sure if I can use it with my card.

  3. Charlene says

    Let me ask about that Kristy. I am going to put a few questions together for their PR guy.

  4. says

    Whoa, so now we have the rebates, the wellness program, and now their own version of ECB’s, in addition to the video values and in-ad coupons? Talk about confusing!

  5. Charlene says

    Isabeau tell me about it! I have to still put the matchups together every week!

  6. Lara says

    I think this program is awesome! It’s another great way to save money. I was able to try it out this weekend while visiting my parents who live in a test market area. I purchased the Huggies and…voila out printed the +UP reward at the bottom of my receipt. And I qualified for the $2 SCR as well. I’m really excited about the program coming to my area now, too!

  7. Farrah says

    My store told me (several months ago) that they were phasing out the Single Check Rebates—she said that they should be completely done with rebates before the end of summer. :(

  8. Charlene says

    Farrah I heard they are phasing out the ad perk coupons too due to fraud. I just can’t see how they can keep all these programs running so I am sure something will have to give.

  9. Mommyof3 says

    So maybe I just haven’t noticed before but today I got coupons on the bottom of my receipt when I did the diaper deal. Is this new or have I been out in space some where?

  10. Kelly says

    I am in a test area and I can confirm, there are no fillers needed! I have done this same transaction MANY MANY times this week : 3 Huggies $26.97 – $5/$25 – $9 Huggies qs – $1 Huggies VV – $11.99 +Up Reward = tax! My son is in size 4’s and they always sell out of 4’s, so I plan on getting a rain check and doing the deal more next week when they’re back in stock. The Huggies deal (buy 3 Huggies, get $11.99 +Up Reward) is good through 6/12. One last interesting note: the expiration date of the +Up Rewards are not rolling, I.E. the Huggies ones expire 6/26 regardless of when you did the transaction. I hope this sheds some more light!

  11. Julie says

    I do NOT live in one of the “test areas”, but have been getting +Up rewards with the Huggies. (So it’s in more than just those 4 cities.) It’s great! I did 8 transactions a couple weeks ago, and have done 4 more so far this week. Each one has produced a $11.99 reward that rolls.
    I hate to hear that they’ll be discontinuing the video coupons. Those have been nice. I wish they could just apply print limits or something rather than take it away completely. Oh well. Rite Aid has been good to me. =)

  12. Charlene says

    Nice Julie! I heard it was sporadically working in other areas but I didn’t know which ones. Good for you.

  13. Lori says

    I have a question about the Rite Aid rebates, but didn’t know where else to ask it.

    Most of my rebates have cleared within 48 hours. I have one rebate that I entered on th 25th (the purchase was on the 22nd), and it has not cleared yet, although the purchase I made just prior (same store, register, etc) has cleared. I’m not certain that there is actually a rebate connected to anything on that receipt, but was expecting a notice stating as much. I had planned on waiting until that receipt cleared before requesting the check for the May rebates, but now I’m wondering if it is just going to sit there forever, staring at me.

    I tried emailing Rite Aid customer service, and got a stock answer that did not fit my question. Do you have any insight?

  14. says

    I am actually glad they are doing away with the rebates – I always forget to enter my receipts! Thank you for the heads up :)

  15. Rochelle says

    I just want to comment that I am forever greatful (and the folks I pass your information on to our) for the wonderful service you do getting all this great information to us every week!.

    Back the topic – In San Diego we were the test market for Wellness Rewards and I loved it! I managed to rack up extra savings on my card since we started early.

    Even though I probably won’t use it, I am at the level that I qualified (and Rite Aid signed me up for) a health screening at a local clinic. Though the savings are awesome at Walgreens, Rite Aid and CVS, I think Rite Aid is the best. The Power Bars at CVS were a secret sale that the clerks didn’t even know about!

    So far this month (only a few days old) I have purchased about $60 worth of products from these drugstores for about $16.00! Your data is awesome – I can’t thank you enough!

    All of the items I purchased will be used on an upcoming trip out of state….

  16. Jen R. says

    Lori – I had the same problem with a rebate in April. I emailed them a few times and they told me to wait and that it would clear. It took almost two weeks (which made no sense – just a $2 rebate), but it finally cleared and I requested my check. It was a pain because I just wanted to request my check and move on. But overall I don’t have trouble with the rebates.

  17. Rebecca says

    I am excited to do all of the programs running at Rite Aid right now. It is a little confusing and everything will have glitches because I believe they are phasing out rebates. That being said, I remember when Walgreens phased out all of their rebates and I found it a highly successful coupon time

  18. Liz says

    Went to Rite Aid today and the register wouldn’t accept my up rewards coupon. I bought 2 old spice and it printed on my reciept but when I went to use it on the next transaction it beeped and the clerks said it was because the “product” was less than $4, but my total was $6 before tax. The up rewards are new here, and I am not sure of all of the rules. Any help or should I contact customer service?

  19. Charlene says

    Liz I am so sorry but I am zero help. My Rite Aid is ghastly so I haven’t tried this program out personally. I have to drive across town to a store that treats me like a human being 😛 I would for sure call customer service- they might not be totally informed either so be sure to ask for a manager if you don’t get resolution. From what I hear- people were rolling the Huggies diapers like no tomorrow and paying pennies each time so I am thinking they gave you incorrect information.

  20. Eileen says

    My RiteAid would not allow me to redeem more than one up reward per transaction. So these are not like ECBs or RRs which can basically be used like cash. In my opinion, that makes the <5.00 rewards somewhat useless and not worth getting.

  21. Trillian says

    I live in San Diego so was getting the $11.99 +UP reward. When I tried to use one today on the Wahl deal, the cashier told me it was only to be used on Huggies. I had to save it to use on my next transaction which included Huggies. But then I got a +UP reward for the $4 on Old Spice body wash. Am I going to have to buy more Old Spice body wash to use it? I’ll ask next time I’m there – it doesn’t seem right to me when you read the description – it says $11.99 off a non-prescription purchase with some exclusions. Anyone know what the deal really is?

  22. Charlene says

    Trillan, that doesn’t sound right at all. In fact that is ridiculous. I suppose you can call customer service if it happens again- that seems to be the best way to get things done. A headache but hopefully you only have to do it once.

  23. Rose says

    Finally, some competition for CVS. I’ve been getting tired of the same old CVS ECB deals most of the time. I mainly stopped going to Rite Aid because I didn’t want to bother with the rebates. But if this turns out to be as good as or better than EBC program, I’m there!!

  24. Jen T says

    The rebates are great because you get to choose what you do with the money. The UP rewards are good if you have multiple households under the same roof (we rent rooms to people). I would be extremely sad to see the Ad Perks program go away – I’ve very happy with the savings I get from their coupons, and a lot of times this makes me run over to Rite Aid instead of CVS. This month they just rolled out a thingie to make it so you can only use the VV coupon one time – does this mean that they’re *trying* to keep the program? (And if this doesn’t work, they’ll do away with it?)

  25. Michelle D says

    Question for you guys…I’m a newbie to the UPs. Today, I got $4 in UPs ($1 each, all separate transactions for my MIRs), and it states at the bottom, “$1 off a $10 hair care product/purchase” I am so bummed, I should have read more carefully somewhere. This isn’t like ECBs at all!!! Are we only allowed to use one UP reciept per transaction, or can I use all 4 that I got today on one transaction? It would be nice to take $4 off a $10 purchase, instead of just $1. Can you ladies please advise me how to be smarter with this?

  26. Charlene says

    Wait Michelle, did you get a coupon or did you get a +Up? The +Up you should be able to use on anything but if you got a coupon that says $1 off a $10 purchase that doesn’t sound like the +Up reward?

  27. krystle says

    so today I went to Rite aid and got three huggies and got three $2 up rewards, now if i go back and get more huggies can i use all three of those towards a transaction as long as the total is more then the up rewards?


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