CVS $1.49 for Huggies Mega Packs!

Holy smokes- I hate to send you guys on a wild goose chase but seriously this is worth jumping in the car for.

I heard from 3 of you that CVS marked down the Huggies today 75% off. So I rushed over to my store and surprise! Mega Packs WERE $4.49 (marked down from $17.99!!) I used the $3 off Little Movers coupon and they were $1.49 a pack!! What a deal!  (Some packs were Little Movers and some were Supreme diapers).

There were only select sizes marked down 75% off, the rest were still $8.99 (which is still an AWESOME deal!) I also spotted Pampers wipes 75% off-

They were marked at 50% off and when I scanned them the tubs were .87 and the 3pk refills were $1.99!!

Goodnights Mega Pack Diapers were $5.99!!

Pull Ups Jumbos were $5.49

and CVS brand Diapers in Mega packs were $2.49 each!!  The CVS brand wipes were $1.74 for a 3pk refill.

(If you spot the CVS brand Jumbo pack diapers on sale- they are generating a $2 ECB -limit 1! So they were $2.37 for a Jumbo pack and get $2 ECB back!!)

Now I am sure prices will vary by store and I really hope you find the same deals!  You can print the following coupons:

*Huggies $3 off Little Movers/Little Snugglers (this reset for me today!)

*Huggies $2.50 off Pure and Natural

* Huggies $3.50/2 Snug and Dry

*Huggies $4/2 Little Movers

*Goodnights $2.50/1

*Pull Ups $2/1

And grab the $2/1 Pull Ups from 5/16 SS and any Pampers coupons you might have as I hear some are finding those for serious discounts as well!

Happy Hunting!


  1. Mary Jo Custance says

    I’m headed there first thing in the morning! With my $13 ECB’s and $10 remaining on my prescription GC, I hope to make out like a bandit!!

  2. Charlene says

    Well I live outside of Sacramento. It looks like another reader was in the Tahoe area. I can’t say where the other readers are located- but my friend Kathy found a great deal in VA/NC area today as well:

    I heard from someone in Dallas that they didn’t find any on sale. Another reader in PA said Pampers were $1.87 with no coupons. So I don’t think this is limited to a specific area. I think it is luck of the draw with CVS stores. Another store near me did not have anything on sale.

  3. Rhi says

    Our store also had Johnson’s baby wash (Shea butter) down to 1.17, and all Aveeno baby products 75% off (like $1.50ish each). Oh and Nestle formula down to $2.00!!! Good thing I’m in the habit of cruising the aisles looking for deals.

  4. Jennifer says

    I am near downtown Sacramento and the Mega’s were 75% off ($4.49). They were marked at only 50% off but when I scanned them they were 75% off. Good luck everyone!

  5. Katie says

    My CVS only had size 6 at $4.49. Hopefully we’ll have potty trained by then!

  6. Charlene says

    Katie we needed size 6 and that is what I got. I don’t think we will ever potty train. Pretty sure my toddler will be in Depends through college.

  7. lisa says

    my hubby found them in marin for 2 bucks a pack (too bad he didn’t have coupons on him, but still a WONDERFUL deal…in sonoma county they were on sale for 6 something at one store and at another they weren’t on sale at all…we’ll keep checking to see if the prices drop! thanks for the heads up!

  8. Toni LaFrankie says

    I found them in Longboat Key Florida on vacation. (My husband thought we were using all the diapers brought and going to have more room for the drive home. He just shook his head)

  9. Lesley says

    Can someone help me out here? I did find these Huggies (Mega size 4 Natural Fit) marked 50% on Sunday when I was at my CVS (central IL). A great deal in itself, but I didn’t think I could use the $3.00/1 coupons because they are either for Little Snugglers, Little Movers or Snug and Dry. I did have a $3.00/2 any Huggies that I was able to use. A good deal, but not as good as saving $3.00 each. So, could I have used these eventhough they aren’t for Natural Fit Huggies? Does it matter? How does this work? I don’t want to be a stickler (or a killjoy) but I don’t want to miss out on a great deal! Thanks for your help!!

  10. Charlene says

    Lesley- you know I didn’t even realize this until I put them away last night. One of my packs were Little Movers and two were Supreme. I am not sure what to say because the coupon does say Little Movers but then again they are the same item- Supreme was changed in name to Little Movers. So I guess you were right to use the $4/2 instead. What does everyone else think? Personally I feel that $4.49 for a Mega pack of diapers is a steal so even without coupons this is a heck of a deal.

  11. Alicja says

    We usually use cloth but we’re about to go on vacation and I need disposables so I ran out at 11 pm last night – for the record, no such luck in SoCal. They did have a couple of the Pampers 3-packs marked down to $4 but I didn’t think that was too awesome of a deal. I’m going to try one more CVS today just in case!

  12. Charlene says

    Boo- Alicja it looks like San Diego is a no as well. You could always run to Rite Aid for the $2.99 deal this week.

  13. Ann PS says

    I checked our CVS in SoCal (Los Angeles area) and the mega packs were marked 25% off but scanned at 50% off. I’m going to wait and see if if it goes to 75%… Love these diaper deals!!

  14. Amy says

    Okay, on the topic of potty training, any one have a 6 year old who still wets the bed?

  15. Alicja says

    Is it bad that your website has made me so cheap that I don’t even want to pay $3 for diapers? This is a sickness I swear. I’m actually considering lugging another bag full of cloth diapers on the plane. Talk me down LOL

    My husband once told me “hey you know that game on The Price is Right where you guess the price of groceries? You’d be awesome at that game. Actually, nevermind, you’d say everything was a nickel!”


  16. Angela says

    I had a 6 yo who wet the bed. Put her on a med so that it dried her up and she wouldn’t have wet nights. We did this for 3 months. I know meds aren’t always good, but we were at out wits end to change bedding 2-4 times a night. There is also a contraption that you put inside undies that is an alarm when they have the slightest bit of wetness. Good luck, I’ve been there.

  17. Alicja says

    Amy, you can’t be the only one. Those Underjams diapers go up to like 130 lbs. I think my little brother wet the bed until he was at least 6, possibly older.

  18. Angela says

    Would it be wrong if I bought some at one CVS at one price, returned (with my receipt) it to another where it was clearanced out and then paid again at clearance prices?

  19. Charlene says

    Alicja- your time and energy is worth more than $3. Save yourself the bother and shell out for a pack. I have to tell myself that from time to time- ok a lot of the time :).

  20. says

    I just got back from a CVS in NYC where I held a pack of size 6 until my sister came and bought them;)

  21. sls says

    i found the diapers on sale today…i bought 3 packages, yipee! i bought some when they were 50% off and now 75%- hopefully my twins will be potty trained when i run out. anyone know where i can get the best deal on pampers or huggies wipes now? i can’t seem to find a “really good” sale price???

  22. Charlene says

    sls- Did you can the wipes at your store? I usually feel that .99 for a tub is a hot deal and they were .87 a tub at my store.

  23. JenB says

    I paid $2.61 for a tub of wipes last night. Boo! I don’t know why they were more expensive here. Also, they were out of all of the mega packs except size 6! :(

  24. Renee says

    I found the large jug of triple paste (usually $29.99) 75% off for $7.49 – GREAT DEAL.

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