Attention Safeway Shoppers: New Coupon Policy is Available!

Well finally the Safeway coupon policy has been updated.  This is a massive policy and I guess it wouldn’t hurt to print it out if you have a troublesome store.

You can see the entire thing right HERE.  I am going to give you some of the highlights.  There are a few bad things and a whole lot of good- so here goes:

#4. Coupons cannot be applied against the free item received in any offer where a customer buys one or more items to get one or more items free.

I read this to mean in the case of a Buy One Get One Free sale, you get to use one coupon and that is it.  I also read this to mean you can not use a BOGO coupon and a $ off coupon on two items- like we have been doing on the Scrubbing Bubbles Power Sprayers.

#8. Safeway will accept valid manufacturer coupons that display another retailer’s logo or name.

So while this isn’t competitor’s coupons- this will help with those Target coupons that are manufacturer but have the Target logo on them!

#9. Safeway will accept valid Catalina manufacturer coupons that are issued to a customer by another retailer.

Now this is interesting. Many people are already using Register Rewards at Safeway!  I know I personally do not shop at Walgreens often because it is so challenging to roll Register Rewards.  This is pretty spectacular news if that is the case.  I am a little apprehensive on this one because it just seems to good to be true but I am going to test this baby out as soon as I can!

Edited: Safeway has amended this point and issued a retracted policy- read more HERE.

#12. The transaction amount may not fall below zero value, or go negative, meaning we will not give the customer money back.

If you read point #5 it does say that they will adjust the value of the coupon down and they will not give any overage. This is wonderful news though because it means they can adjust a coupon down.  Many stores now just refuse coupons that are higher in value than the item.

#15. Safeway reserves the right to refuse any coupons at its discretion.


Internet Coupons- Items 16-20:

This says very clearly they will accept them!  Many of you have stores that will not- so print this baby out and take it with you.  The caveat is that they must scan.  Also the new addition is that they will no longer accept any “free item” coupons that are printables.  I am sure this is a direct result of all the fraudulent coupons circulating for various free products right now.  I suspect more stores will also implement similar policies soon.

Coupon Stacking- Items 23-25:

Well this makes it as clear as it has ever been.  For those that don’t understand what coupon stacking means in this case, it is loading the e-coupons from Cellfire, Shortcuts and P&G which are all manufacturer coupons and also using a paper coupon on the same item.  I have been a bit of a waffler on this point because the actual policy has not been clear.  Safeway stores also have coupons available on the website that are from and can be loaded onto your club card.  Since they are from, there is a lot of overlap with the printables that I tell you guys about frequently.  They can technically be stacked- meaning you can add them to your card and use a regular coupon as well.  I personally don’t feel comfortable with that as it just feels wrong to me.  Now if the Safeway coupon policy does indeed say this is OK- well we are really in for some sweet deals.  Sadly, Safeway has clarified this issue nicely by saying you can’t do this if you live in Hawaii.  What?  So the rest of us can?

I am going to clarify this point asap with my contact at Safeway and if they will allow for the stacking of coupons- well sit back and strap yourselves in because this is going to be awesome!

So what do you guys think?  I am happy to finally have a decent coupon policy!  Do you have any questions or comments?  I can not wait to hear how the Register Rewards go over at Safeway!

Thanks Centsable Shoppin!


  1. Abby says

    Thanks for posting this! My Safeway is SO nasty about coupons…I wonder if they will follow the policy or just tell me they are denying “at their discretion” based on #15. I’ll be printing the policy to bring with me, that’s for sure! :)

  2. Lori says

    It doesn’t sound bad! The only point I question is the BOGO. Does that mean we cannot use a BOGO coupon on a BOGO sale?

    Otherwise – point 5 is that a coupon amount MAY be reduced (not WILL) so that you do not go below zero value for an ITEM, then it refers you to point 12: the TRANSACTION value may not go negative such that the customer gets cash back. This might be something to clarify, but it sounds like they will only drop the value of a coupon so that the value of the entire transaction does not go negative. Otherwise they will not reduce the value of the coupon.

    I LOVE the fact that they will take catalinas from other retailers! Does this apply to item catalinas only, or does it also apply to catalinas that give dollars off a total coupon? (And if so – well, I know Walgreens has so many restrictions on when you can use your RR. Does that carry over?)

    I find it interesting that in the wording for loadable coupons, they say they must follow the rules “set above”, but the rules for stacking coupons are set below. Sounds like they will take multiple loadable coupons for one item and stack them with man coupons, but a good point to ask your rep on. And the stacking rules are only for Hawaii? Curious…Makes me wonder if they are testing new software, but if so, why come out with a new coupon policy now?

  3. Tracey says

    I’m seriously just tickled pink! Safeway is my store of choice, but now to make it even better and allow register rewards…YeeHaw! This means I can go to walgreens & get my register rewards and NEVER have to deal with them again when it comes to using them. I agree, they are aweful to use!

    Please clarify, when it says no “Free” coupons, does this apply also to the bogo we often see?? Like for instance the scrubbing bubbles toilet cleaners?? Or the Sunrype coupons?

  4. says

    I have a question that I do not see addressed in the new policy. My store recently started refusing the stacking of their in-ad store coupons with manufacturer coupons. The stacking section does not address this at all. Could you get clarification on this point from your contact as well? Thanks!

  5. Laura Andreasen says

    I found it ironic that you posted this the day after I had so much trouble trying to use the manufacturer coupon with the target insignia on it. :) That was at rite aid. I’m still new to all this but thanks for helping me get started!

  6. Alicja says

    I am SO glad about the mfr coupons w/ Target logos and Catalinas from other stores. I go to Albertsons every now and then and their Catalina machine spits out way better coupons than my Vons. Plus, my in laws shop at Albertsons and are always giving me their Catalinas! I know this is going to be an issue at my Vons, but I’ll print this out to bring with me and hopefully they won’t pull #15 on me!

  7. Charlene says

    Ok Tracey- I was wondering about that too. My only concern about the catalina bit is that they mean catalina coupons that print not actual dollar off Register Rewards. I was reading about this for awhile yesterday and a lot of people have already used the RR so it makes me hopeful.

  8. heidi says

    I have stacked the mfg coupons with the e coupons and I did not know this could even be an issue. I don’t even feel bad now because my safeway is a stinker the whole store has a lot of rude cashiers when it comes to using coupons. I am so happy they put this stuff in print because it will come in handy. I have even atarted going to other safeway locations and had much better luck.

  9. teresa says

    I have never had any problems at Safeway (Sonoma County-Northern California)they even take expired coupons. I wonder how they are going to handle Walgreens register rewards. I maybe able to buy all my groceries with register rewards.

  10. Melissa says

    The register rewards say “manufacturer coupon” at the top. Does this mean we can use it anywhere that accepts manufacturer coupons? The bar code starts with a 5 just like all the others. I think it’s worth a try…

  11. Charlene says

    Melissa some other stores will take them- I have heard Albertson’s, Meijer and Walmart before but I have never personally had another store accept mine. It appears Safeway is going to start now but again I really want to see success from many people before I trust this new policy :)

  12. Tina says

    A couple days ago I was at my local Stater Bros. and they refused my printable Bogo Q , And I was shocked because there soo coupon friendly there I’m glad you mentioned that Safeway (Vons to me) will not accept these either, and Yes other stores are doing it to. :(

  13. Josie says

    I think this would be more of a reason to shop at Walgreens if they do accept the RR’s. Hopefully someone will try and let us know how it goes! I’m too scared to do it! :)

  14. Karen says

    I am assuming this is Vons policy too. In San Diego, some of the stores will not take more than 3 of one product coupon. I printed the policy to show the cashiers, but I guess it is up to each store’s discretion (item #15).

  15. Jessica says

    I went to Safeway (Silver Spring, MD) this morning with $23 worth of catalinas from Walgreens and Giant. I asked the cashier(who happens to be the cashier supervisor) first if they would take them. He said no. I said that it was a new policy that had just come out. He waved down the manager and she said that, while she hadn’t seen the new policy yet that the cashier should go ahead and accept them. I also asked if they would accept the ones that are a dollar amount off your next purchase type catalina or just the ones that are more like a coupon with $ off of a specific product. She said that they would take both!!!!!!! I am SO excited. I would so much rather use RRs at Safeway than trying to roll them at Walgreens. I’m STOKED!! I ended up getting $144 worth of groceries for $20 and I have catalinas for $2 off and for free milk.

  16. Charlene says

    Oh yeah!! I can’t wait to try this but I don’t want to drag the girls all over. I am just going to have to wait for the hubs to get home tonight.

  17. Amy A. says

    I used $17 in RR at Safeway today. I asked the cashier first and then showed her the coupon policy. I really hope this isn’t too good to be true! Now if I can only find a Walgreens that has the Neutrogena soap in stock…

  18. Renee says

    I am having problems, My Randall’s will not accept black and white internet coupons. I have used them before. It has been the last couple of times. I only have a blk/white laser printer. They say it is new policy. Is anyone having the same problems?

  19. Jamaica says

    I used one RR today at Safeway with varrying opinions on the matter. I went to customer service first and the guy there said yes, its a manufacture coupon. So I went and did my shopping. When I got to the checkdtand he wasn’t sure, so he called someone over who initially said no. Then the first guy came back and told them all it was allowed. Afterwards I thought I would call customer service for clarification. That only made things more confusing! I read the RR to her. It reads “take $x off your next shopping order.” Get this. She said that meant over the phone!!! She said “shopping trip” or “transaction” would be in store but “shopping orders” are only over the phone or online! What was she thinking?!?

  20. Charlene says

    Renee- no I have not heard that yet but well that stinks. I only have a black and white printer too. Can you talk to them and see if they will allow the coupons if you leave them intact on the paper rather than cutting? It will show the URL and I remember way back in the day when there were fraudulent Target coupons circulating- every store was in a panic about IPs and some people had luck with that.

  21. melody says

    wow! this safeway/register rewards thing is so unbelievable to me! I’m trying to understand though: so walgreens register rewards are actually manufacturer catalinas, and this doesn’t hurt safeway? Just want to make sure I understand this correctly! I think I might have start doing a little more safeway shopping now! WOW!

  22. Charlene says

    Yes Melody they are manufacturer coupons which is why you can’t roll them. It would be like using two manufacturer coupons on the same item. I have a feeling this is going to have spotty success for people so I would be careful until you feel comfortable with your Safeway.

  23. Karen says

    Interesting, I just tried to access the coupon policy from here and 2 different links on the Safeway page and it says:

    “Page not found
    Sorry, there is no Safeway webpage matching your request.
    It is possible you typed the address incorrectly, or that page no longer exists.”

    Hmm…Problems already?

  24. Courtney J says

    Wow, I may have to become a Walgreens shopper now unless CVS steps up to the plate :)

    One thing . . .does anybody know what the deal is with the coupons having to scan? That is the most frustrating thing, to plan a shopping trip around coupons, all printed from the same printer, and then to check out and only have 1/2 of them scan? I have never done fradulent coupons and I’m convinced it’s how thick the ink is on the barcode of each coupon or how the barcode is formatted on the coupon itself but that policy is a major turnoff.

  25. Charlene says

    Karen no it is there- not sure why the link isn’t working someone else mentioned it this morning. You can access it here:

    Go to
    Click on coupons toward the middle bottom of the page
    Click on Coupon Acceptance policy

  26. says

    I just saw this coupon policy on Tuesday, after a frustrating trip to my local Genuardi’s. They refused my BOGO Sobe coupons because they were printed from the internet and had the word “free” on them. The cashier would have taken them, but she had a question about another coupon I had, so the supervisor became involved and she was the one who said they could not be used.

    I completely understand the concern about fraudulent PDF coupons. I don’t understand why a coupon from or a Bricks coupon, etc. that says “free” is more of a concern than a coupon from the same site that is $ off. With doubling, my Kraft coupons (printed) were worth more than the BOGO on the Sobe that was on sale but was refused.

    Personally, I try and do my shopping on Saturday or Sunday afternoons, or evenings, when they have the young cashiers, especially the boys. They never question anything. The older women that are there during the day question everything and take forever to finish the transaction, so then everyone behind me is getting pissed off.

  27. Jaime says

    I just successfully used $16 in Wags RR’s at Safeway in Auburn, CA this morning…yahoo! Thanks Charlene for this great and detailed coupon police from Safeway…I hadn’t shopped there in years but thanks to your faithful postings and coupon matchups I am saving more than the gas I used to use to go to Winco in Roseville!

  28. Charlene says

    Yikes all the way to Roseville from Auburn! I live in Rocklin and Roseville seems like too far some days :) At least you can stop at Fairway Target which is better than the Auburn one- now that might motivate me.

  29. Mama3 says

    Had MUCHO success today at Safeway with RR. Used $36 worth and paid less than $4 for my groceries, including a big ol’ pack of steaks for Father’s Day! This is awesome!! :)

  30. Kelly says

    I finally got brave enough to try at my store & it went so smoothly! The store manager & the cashier I had knew exactly what was going on & checked me out without the slightest hassle, so great! Ty so much Charlene for keeping us all up to date on the new policy!

  31. Holly says

    I wondered if you were from Rocklin, Charlene. A couple of your previous posts had me wondering. I also live in Rocklin – small world. I tried to use my RR at the Safeway on Granite Dr. and they wouldn’t take them. The cashier scanned them and they didn’t beep or anything, but she was unsure about it and asked someone else who then called someone on the phone who said no, they won’t accept them. Oh well, hopping if I print out the policy and bring that next time I can get them to take them.

  32. Charlene says

    Holly I used mine at that store but it is tricky there. You really have to find a good cashier. There is a cute blond lady that hassles me every single time I go to that store and another lady that works U Scan that refuses every coupon because “you are doubling coupons”- blah. I will literally leave the store rather than deal with either of them.

  33. Bonnie says

    Sorry girls, it didn’t last long! They just changed the wording and it now states that they will accept other stores catalina coupons when they are manufacterer’s coupons for a specific item. No “$ off you next shopping trip” cats :(

    Saw this in the Full Cup Safeway thread.

  34. heidi says

    It worked last week , but not this week – the policy changed – too too too bad. I loved using my rr’s there.

  35. Charlene says

    Heidi- I posted a revised Safeway coupon policy yesterday. They just changed it yesterday afternoon.

  36. NewBee says

    I’ve re-read the policy and still don’t understand if I can use a Genuardi’s coupon (clipped from their flyer) with a manufacturer coupon. Can I? Thanks!

  37. Charlene says

    Ok the short answer is probably 😀 You SHOULD be able to because one is a Genuardis coupon and one is a manufacturer. However as of late- I have heard that some stores are getting snotty about that. The new coupon policy says one e-coupon and one paper coupon so they are reading that to mean you can’t stack. Personally, I don’t believe that was the case when the policy was written. I personally stack the coupons all time so you will probably be OK. The only way to know if you have a stinker store is to just try it. If they tell you no- you can just ask to have the item removed from your order (or just use the U-Scan and avoid the hassle :P)

  38. NewBee says

    Thanks.. I tried and was denied. The cashier even asked a manager which confirm that their policy (according to my store) is only one coupon per item. Thanks for the tip to try the u-scan… I would like my cheap ziploc bags this week 😉

  39. Maria T. says

    I just had the worst experience at the Alameda CA Southshore store. I was informed after my entire cart of groceries was scanned and bagged and my “real” manufacturer’s coupons were scanned and dropped in the drop box that they do not take internet printable coupons at all. The cashier went and spoke to the asst. manager (only manager on duty) and she said no internet printables. I had the cashier suspend the sale and waited to talk to the asst. manager.

    After discussing things with her and getting no real answers I asked her to cancel the entire grocery order and had her get my “real” coupons back from the drop box. I know there is a problem with coupon fraud, however I welcome them to go over my internet printables with a fine-tooth comb since I am not one of the people perpetrating fraud. I am sick of being treated like a criminal for trying to be a smart consumer and save money by shopping the sales and using coupons from legitimate sources.

    Until I can speak with corporate and/or the actual store manager I will be taking my business elsewhere. I figure that I am fighting a losing battle on this one since #15 in the current coupon policy basically gives them an out on accepting any type of coupon.

  40. barbara says

    Yep, my safeway will not take ANY B&W coupons, they must have a green dot printed on them, and NO coupons with “free” on them ,i could not use the BOGO sobe coupons…and i even work in that store, but i guess i must be a criminal now that i have only b&w internet coupons!

  41. No Reimer Reason says

    My local Safeway just refused my internet printed coupons (they are in color) tonight for the first time. Both the cashier and the manager refused to even scan them, just said outright that they are no longer accepting them. Boo!

    I reminded them that the online policy says they are acceptable but they said they’ve been hit by fraud so they no longer accept any. So frustrating. I am just glad I didn’t have a huge cart-full of groceries this time and it was just a small trip. Even so, I have written an email to corporate to let them know how disappointed I am. Living in a big city, I have lots of grocery stores to choose from so if I have to take my business elsewhere, I will. Hopefully they will make it right, because I have always had good experiences there before. :(

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